How to Date a Timid Girl

Shy people are great. They seem insecure at first but when they start feeling comfortable with you, they reveal their true nature. If you start dating a shy girl and you’re serious about her, you need to know how you should behave towards her in order to win her heart. The most important thing here is patience. Your girlfriend will gradually become more open, so you shouldn’t rush things. Dating a shy girl resembles the game where every next level is more interesting than the previous one. It can be challenging but it’s definitely worth your efforts. Here are some things from Planet Of Brides you should take into account while dating a timid girl.

·Shyness vs. arrogance
It’s very difficult for timid people to be gregarious with people they hardly know. A shy girl will need a couple of dates to start trusting you. Only after that she’ll feel comfortable with you and be herself. If she’s not verbose when she answers your questions, don’t think that she’s not interested in your conversation. She just gets too nervous talking to the opposite sex.

·Start it slowly
While it’s usually advisable to cut the distance already on a first date, it can be your fatal mistake if you go out with a shy girl. By cutting the distance we mean touching and kissing. Timid people cherish their personal space and let only close people into it. That’s why keep your hands to yourself when you’re with your girlfriend.

·Talk more
Since you can’t expect her to be super talkative during your first encounters, you should take the initiative in a conversation. Ask her some general questions occasionally but mainly talk about yourself. One of the strong points of shy people is their ability to listen attentively and be genuinely interested in their interlocutors. A bashful girl will also feel more comfortable if she gets to know you better.

·Control your eyes
It’s important to maintain eye contact with your date but you should never turn it into staring. Any woman will get uncomfortable if you keep looking her straight in the eyes for a long time. And in case of a shy girl, it can totally embarrass her. She’ll constantly look away trying to hide her eyes from you. This is not to say that you should avoid eye contact with her. You should know when to turn your eyes away.

·Pay her a compliment
In order to boost your date’s confidence, compliment her. However, it’s important to do it in an unobtrusive manner. Shy people don’t like the excessive attention to their personalities but at the same time, they like when other people appreciate them. Your compliment should sound sincerely and naturally. It shouldn’t be a general remark such as “you are very beautiful”. Find something really nice and unique about your girlfriend and tell her.

·Pick an appropriate date venue
Timid people try to avoid parties and noisy places because that’s not what they like. If you go out with a shy woman, you should choose a place where she’ll feel comfortable. It can be a cozy café with not so many people inside, so you can have a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

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