Top 6 Worth Living Neighborhoods of Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is the capital of California and a modern metropolitan city. Sacramento and its surrounding suburbs are simply great places to live. Also, the city is ranked amongst the top 100 places in the US to retire. Well, this certainly doesn’t mean that life here is not for the young crowd. If you are planning to move to Sacramento, here is a guide to help you…

Why moving to Sacramento makes sense?

Firstly, life in Sacramento is super exciting since there is always something to do in the city. For instance, you can watch the minor league baseball, attend the Sacramento Kings game, or simply go to the Railroad Museum with family. Furthermore, the happening nightlife of Sacramento is perfect for young people. There are many clubs and restaurants to help you enjoy your evenings.

Next, there are several parks along the river in Sacramento, where you can go solo or with friends and family to enjoy a perfect sunny day. Also, if you are a cyclist, you will surely enjoy bicycling along with the “Jewel of Sacramento” which is a 23-mile long river trail.

In addition, moving to Sacramento is super easy, especially with the support of a good vehicle transportation company. One of the leading transporters is Ship a Car, Inc. which transports thousands of vehicles every month to and from any residential location in Sacramento, CA. So, next time transport your car cross country from Sacramento California without any hesitation or worries.

Top 6 neighborhoods to live in Sacramento

1. Land Park

The area is well-known for its historic and large homes. Properties here are quite distinctive in their architecture since most of them were built between 1930 to 1950. Besides, many residents are the original owners of the house, since several homes are passed from one generation to another. Overall, Land Park is such a community where everyone knows each other.

2. Davis

Commonly known as the college town, Davis is one of the top-rated neighborhoods of Sacramento. The nightlife here is great since there are excellent restaurants and clubs in the area.

3. Folsom

This is a perfect location if you are moving with family. You wouldn’t have to worry about the education needs of your child since there are excellent schools and colleges in the area.

4. Granite Bay

Granite Bay is home to several corporate executives and families. Just like many other areas of Sacramento, Granite Bay has many beautiful parks along with access to boating and biking trails.

5. El Dorado Hills

The area was initially developed for the housing needs of the local aerospace company. However, now it is home for most of the employees of Intel and Blue Shield. There are several fine dining restaurants in the area to ensure you have great evenings with family and friends.

6. El Grove

This is one of the fastest-growing cities in California. Elk Grove was an old farming town, but now it has made tremendous development in different fields. The residential areas here are designed as per the modern concepts, and a similar architecture is repeated throughout the neighborhood.

So, what are you waiting for? Now, since you know the top 6 livable neighborhoods of Sacramento, start planning your move right away.

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