What to Look for in Tyre Care Accessories

The proper care and maintenance of tyres is an important aspect when it comes to vehicle safety. One can notice the obvious changes in reduced tire life, shorter braking distance, and less stopping power if they neglect their car’s tyres for a considerable amount of time. However, even with that knowledge in hand, there are certain steps that people take when it comes to caring for their tires. The most common choices include changing the air pressure whenever required and using tyre shine after washing the car: well these steps might be enough if not done routinely (which itself isn’t bad but we’ll get into that later). Unfortunately, there are lots of other aspects within this topic which don’t get much attention though they play a vital role in vehicle safety.

What to Look for in Tyre Care Accessories 

When it comes to looking after your car’s tyres, there are some car accessories that can help. Here are some of the most common ones:

Tyre Pressure Gauge:   

One simple accessory is a car tyre pressure gauge which helps you check how much air pressure is inside each tyre on your car before driving off. This step will allow enough room for the tyres to expand while they heat up due to friction during motion and also prevent overheating or underinflation leading to increased risk on the road.  Overinflation leads to greater wear and tear of your tires since they have no extra area for them to expand within the rim of the tyre. Deflation on the other hand causes sidewall damage to your tyres which reduces their lifespan.

Wheel Dressing Tools:  

Also known as tyre polish, this helps protect your tyres from dust particles by covering them with a protective coating though it shouldn’t be used too often since it can make the appearance of your tyres look worse. The first time should be done within the first few weeks of buying new tires and after that, it should be applied once every 2 to 3 months.

Power Inverter:  

This accessory might not seem like an important one but if you tend to do most of your car’s work inside such as changing oil, checking tyre pressures or tyre wear, etc., then it becomes essential to have this tool around. A power inverter changes 12V DC current into 220V AC which normally comes out from a wall socket allowing one to use their regular household appliances on the go. Car battery works with 12 V and hence is suited for low voltage items such as lights and smartphones: this inverter which changes 12 V to 220 V allows one to use regular household appliances like TVs, Blenders by powering them up on the go.

Wheel Cleaning Brush:  

There is no point in using wheel cleaning products if you are not going to clean your wheels properly. This brushing accessory helps with removing any dirt or grime accumulated over time on your wheel rims after they have been cleaned with a wheel cleaner solution. It also prevents scratching the surface of your tires which might happen when using just a regular brush due to its soft bristles.

Car Vacuum Cleaner:  

Though this accessory isn’t specifically required for tyre care it helps in making sure that there is nothing stuck inside your car’s engine bay that might get in the way of your tyres while you drive. Regular vacuuming helps get rid of any dirt or dust that has been collected on your car’s floor which might get stuck between your tire treads and also stick to the surface ensuring a smooth ride for a longer period of time.

Car Foot pump: 

This might seem like an unimportant accessory but that’s only until you run out of air in your tyres after driving for a long distance or while hitting the road in an emergency situation. Car foot pumps are compact enough to carry around and definitely come in handy when you need emergency tyre pumping. It should be noted though that these pumps aren’t strong enough to fill up your tyres with air if they have gone completely flat so it is advised to keep at least one spare bottle of compressed air with you at all times.


With these accessories, one can ensure more safety on the road leading to less accidents and injuries from reckless driving.

Things to consider when buying tyre care accessories in India

-New tyre care products may appear in the market every day, but they are not all good. It’s important to research the quality of each product before you start using them.

-Make sure that it is made with natural ingredients and it doesn’t contain chemicals or toxins that can harm your tires, or worse; affect your health.

-Do some independent research on whether the product really works and is able to treat mild scuffs and scrapes. Don’t rely solely on word of mouth. Sometimes paid endorsements make the reviewers look like they were trying to promote a particular item.

Apart from the above, insist on buying the best quality tyre care products from the trusted website such as Carorbis that is dedicated to provide only the premium quality products at the best prices in India. The customers can get home delivery of their orders with a faster turnaround time. Therefore, instead of running here and there, buy only the best car accessories at the most decent prices at

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