Is Gold Still The Best Investment?

This article could just be one word long. That word would be yes. Yes, gold is still the best form of investment, and that’s not going to change. But rather than just writing one word we need to answer some questions. We know there’s one word floating around your mind right now. Why? Why is gold still the best form of investment? I can make a fortune selling property; you say sly. Or, your friend might have told you about this wonderful stock investment. It’s so good it’s almost too good to be true. No, that’s exactly what it is. Too good to be true and that’s the result of almost every investment you can think of. Gold beats them all for one important reason.

You Get What You Deserve

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When you invest your money, you shouldn’t be facing the risk of losing it all. Unfortunately, if you invest in stocks, forex or real estate, that’s exactly what you’re risking. Please don’t forget with these investments your capital is at risk and it’s usually a lot of it. Here’s the dirty little secret about stocks, trades and other forms of investment. It’s gambling. Now, this is when red faced economists and traders adamantly claim that it isn’t. There’s a difference between investing and gambling because with investing you can use information to help you win. Well, you can do that with gambling too. It’s called counting cards, and it’s just about as reliable. But the outcome is usually no different. Unless you’re a genius, you’re not going to have a one hundred percent success rate in either scenario. If you do have a one hundred percent success rate, expect a call from the FDA very soon. You’re about to be investigated for insider trader.

With a gold investment, none of this is true. If you invest in gold, there’s no risk. Why? Gold doesn’t change in value. You can look at silver gold prices today and adjusted for inflation, they’re as valuable as they always were. That’s why they are often referred to as…

True Currency

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You might know a little about forex trading. Forex trading is essentially trading based on the value of different currencies as exchange rates alter. Anyone can invest in forex, but should you? Probably not because currency will always change value and there are too many factors to keep track of. Gold, on the other hand, won’t. In a way, it’s the only possibility if you want to keep your money safe without risk.

Ah, you say, can’t I do the same with a property? Well, yes and no. Yes, you can buy property, thereby making a capital investment. But there’s no guarantee that property value won’t rise or fall with the real estate market. You could lose your money all too quickly and be left with very little. People found this in 2008 when the housing market collapsed under the weight of credit buys.

Therefore, we think it’s safe to say gold will continue to be the only safe form of investment. If you want to invest without risk, this is the only answer worth considering.

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