Unusual Cakes That You Can Order Online in Delhi via Bakingo

Cakes are delicacies that make any regular event special. And we do not need a specific occasion to have a cake. More than the cake designs, cake flavours are something that one looks up to while choosing a cake.

From Blueberry cake to Choco Truffle we all have tried almost every flavour, but do you know? There are still some unusual yet yummy cake flavours that need your attention! Yes, Bakingo- India’s leading eggless bakery has a range of some unusual cake flavours that will make any celebration, extra happening. Let’s have a look at them-

  • Chocolate Orange Delight- Looking for a flavour that is known yet tastes a bit different? Well, then this is the cake flavour for you- tempting chocolate and tangling orange! Explicitly designed for chocolate lovers, this cake is a perfect mix of sweet and tangy flavours. Get the online cake home delivery in Delhi of this flavour and enjoy a little.

  • Paan Cake- Yes! You heard it right! Bakingo offers you a flavour so refreshing and quite unusual, i.e., the flavour of a Paan in the form of a cake. Made with betel leaves and combined with areca nuts, this cake is surely a hit among paan And the best part is, it is no less tasty than the paan. If you are someone who drools over meetha paan, then pick this delicacy and enjoy.

  • Orange Bubble Cake- Another fresh summer flavour is that of an orange. We all have loved orange popsicle and orange candies since our childhood. And now getting the same flavour, i.e., the orange flavour in the form of a cake would be another exciting experience. Known for its tangy taste, the orange flavour in a cake is a perfect combination of sweetness and tanginess, in one.

  • Tea Time Thrill- Oh, no! Did we say it right? Oh, yes, we did! Haha… Another one from Bakingo’s cake flavours treasure box is this cake- a flavoured tea cake. This might sound a little weird but not to those who are tea-lovers. Bakingo curated this flavour and everyone who has tried this cake says that- “it’s finger-licking good”. Moreover, what better way to have your favourite beverage than in the form of a cake?

  • Mountainous Pistachio Greenery- Nuts and Indian sweets have a relationship that compliments each other. But adding these same nuts in a cake can be tricky. Right? Well, not for Bakingo as it offers you a pistachio cake, mixed with chocolate. This cake is a crunchy and munchy delight that gives you the benefits of nuts with chocolate, at the same time.

  • Being Coffee-holic- Tea or Coffee? The debate is never-ending but settling things between both these clans, after tea-flavoured cake Bakingo also offers coffee-flavoured cake. The rich taste of brewed coffee and the aroma of coffee powder would be perfect for someone who is in love with coffee.

  • Gulkand Cake- Gulkand is a sweet made out of dried rose petals and sugar. This royal-like sweet is quite common in meetha paan and now known as one of the best-selling cake flavours by Bakingo. Do try this scrumptious cake once, we bet it will leave everyone spellbound.

  • Tangy Cocoa Vegan Delight- Veganism has gained popularity from quite some time now, and if you are someone or know someone who is a vegan, then this cake is for you (or them). Made in mango and chocolate flavour this cake is another perfect example of sweetness with a tangy touch. Try this vegan variant of mango and chocolate cake from Bakingo, and you will find it yummy.

So, these were some unusual yet delightful cake-flavours that Bakingo offers. What is going to be your pick among these?

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