How a Urogynecologist Can Help If You Have Urinary Tract Issues

Urinary tract issues can cause you many troubles, especially in the company of people. Additionally, a combination of both gynecological issues and urinary issues can put you in a significantly difficult situation. However, when you find Miami, FL urogynecology, your problems can quickly dissipate, returning you to your happy days. You will benefit from one-on-one conversations that consider your privacy and state-of-the-art procedures to eliminate your urinary issues.

Why is urogynecology important

Women have a wide range of issues unique to them. For the most part, your reproductive system differentiates you from a man. The reproductive health system, however, has a series of issues that can make your life uncomfortable. You may suffer from obstetrics, gynecology, or urologic issues that may take a toll on your quality of life. Urogynecology is a medical branch that can help you eliminate those issues significantly. Dr. Khamvongsa is an expert in women’s health and you can benefit significantly from his expertise.

What are the issues you can eliminate with the services of a urogynecologist?

Urogynecologists specializes in women health, and issues you may find assistance with include:

  •         Urinary urgency
  •         Fecal incontinence
  •         Pelvic floor dysfunction
  •         Fecal incontinence
  •         Rectovaginal fistulas

Dr. Khamvongsa uses various techniques to deal with your urinary issues. However, you will receive more benefits when you reach your doctor sooner and explain your problem. Dr. Khamvongsa uses cystoscopy and hysteroscopy techniques that help in the examination of your reproductive system and provide the right therapies to eliminate your problems.

How does pelvic organ prolapse affect your lifestyle?

Your body involves a series of muscles and tissues connected. These tissues ensure your body is in the right posture and most of your organs work properly. However, whenever you have prolapsed, your muscle cannot keep the tissues and other organs in position. Therefore, such a situation forces some of your interior reproductive organs to come out of your vagina while others extend inwards.

Pelvic organ prolapse is an issue that can influence your reproductive health extensively as you may feel pressure when you stand or sit. Additionally, you may feel many discomforts that can make you want to sit down every moment you stand upright.

Prolapse in the reproductive parts can affect different regions including:

  •         The rectum
  •         Vagina
  •         Uterus
The various reasons why you might have pelvic organ prolapse

Most women have the issue due to childbirth. However, you can also get problems due to old age or hormonal imbalances. Other women have also reported problems from simple issues such as constipation or straining so much while in the washrooms.

Fortunately, the situation has a remedy, and you can get back to your normal life with the help of Dr. Khamvongsa. Treatments available for the issue include:

  •         Muscle therapy
  •         Lifestyle modifications

Free yourself from reproductive health issues with a procedure from Dr. Khamvongsa. Have your health in check with lifestyle interventions or muscle therapies today. Start your journey to reproductive health wellness with a procedure by making a phone call or making an online appointment.

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