Why Wound Care is the Best Way to Deal With Non-Healing Ulcers

Vascular problems are the major reason why people have non-healing wounds on their feet and other body parts. Non-healing wounds are ulcers that can turn deadly when ignored for a long time. Premier Vascular is a leading Yonkers wound care center, ready to hold your hand in your journey on managing the condition. The center also has other techniques in wound management that will put all your worries at ease.

When should you consider wound care?

Wound care is a service you should consider when you have ulcers. Ulcers are wounds that take time to heal, which increases your chances of a deadly infection that can lead to the loss of your legs. The most common wounds presented as non-healing include:

Diabetic Ulcers

Increased blood sugar influences the healing properties of your body. When you live with uncontrolled blood sugar for a long time, the vessels in the feet lose efficiency, meaning even if you have a small wound, it will take a lot of time to heal.

Neuropathy is also another condition caused by diabetes, meaning that you become less sensitive in the feet. Such an issue, compounded with damaged blood vessels, means that your wound can turn into an Ulcer, without your knowledge.

Arterial Ulcers

Arterial ulcers come from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), an issue caused by the collection of plaque. The plaque in the ulcers prevents the movement of blood. Restricted blood flow is a major reason for ulcers, which do not heal until the oxygen movement in the arteries returns to normal.

What symptoms suggest you need wound care?

Venous insufficiency causes many issues in the leg. Most of the time you have the situation, you may have symptoms such as:

  •         Leg swelling
  •         Fevers and body chills
  •         Skin rashes or reddish-brown spots on your skin
  •         Varicose veins
  •         Loss of hairs on your legs and feet

Fortunately, these symptoms affect you before a major ulcer appears on your feet, meaning you have time to prevent the formation of a wound.

Ulcers typically appear on the feet, which have physical characteristics such as leg swelling and open wounds that do not have defined borders. Some people never report pain until their veins become more significant. People with diabetes have to check their feet often to ensure no wounds or ulcers are present.

Arterial ulcers compare differently with other types of ulcers, as they are extremely painful and deep. Sometimes they have round edges, making them distinct from venous ulcers.

What treatment helps during wound care?

Individual wound care plans are best to deal with ulcers. Your doctor may provide the following:

  •         Wound cleaning services
  •         Contact casting
  •         Pressure therapies
  •         Advanced dressing
  •         Antibiotic therapy

Wounds are often unsightly and without treatment, can lead to an amputation if infected. You can avoid wounds by finding Premier Vascular, a center with many techniques for dealing with leg ulcers. Give the center a call or make a booking online to begin your journey to wound management.

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