5 Warning Signs That May Warrant Root Canal Treatment

If your dentist has recently referred you to a San Ramon Root Canals specialist for specialized diagnosis and treatment, know that you are not alone. Millions of Americans have received treatment for root canal symptoms and are enjoying functions of the mouth as normal. Here are unique signs to prove you need to see a dentist for a root canal.

  1. Having pain that does not go away with conventional treatment options

Having tooth pain that lasts more than seven days could indicate that you have an abscess that will need to be addressed by a root canal. Pay attention when the pain comes and goes, but always return. If the pain travels to your eyes, jaw, or other teeth, contact a dentist to perform a root canal diagnosis. The pain could be a symptom of other possibilities such as gingivitis, damaged filling, or a cavity.

  1. Persistent tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can occur when you take hot or cold foods. It is an indication that the blood vessels and nerves in your tooth have been affected. Your sensitivity makes you feel a sharp, tingling, and even excruciating pain that may last long after you finish eating your food. If it lasts more than 14 days, a dentist can perform root canal diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Inflammation to the gums

Your gums hold your teeth in place. If they are swollen due to painful teeth, you might qualify for root canal treatment. Try to massage your gums. Your gums could be tender to touch. The swelling in your gums occurs due to the buildup of acidic waste products on the gums, leading to edema on the outer gum surface. In some cases, your infected gum might develop an abscess, leading to a foul odor. Please do not wait until your gum disease escalates to that point.

  1. You have a cracked tooth

Accidents happen all the time. As a result, you may have a chipped or cracked tooth. Even if you suffered an injury to your jaws but did not cause your tooth to crack, you still need root canal diagnosis and treatment.

  1. You have a loose tooth

Your teeth are supposed to be strong, not loosely hang in your gums. When you have a loose tooth, chances are the bones around your infected tooth have become brittle and soft. Please pay attention to your teeth. If it hangs loosely, there is a high chance that it can cause more complications. A root canal can help extract the dying tooth and clean out the space to prevent neighboring teeth from getting infected.

A dentist can determine if you need a root canal

Judging by the success rates of a root canal, there is no need to worry about the results after treatment. The process in itself may sound scary, but the primary goal is to help you recover as soon as possible. If you have one or more of these symptoms, seeing a dentist for a root canal will be right for you. To learn more about root canal therapy, call your San Ramon Dental Excellence specialist to book your appointment.

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