Tips on How to Handle a Heated Meeting with Employees

When you call for a meeting with your employees, you already expect things to get heated. Some topics might make some of the meeting delegates react strongly. As the leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure things would go smoothly. Try to control the situation and prevent the discussion from becoming heated. Here are some tips.

Provide the agenda ahead of time

Before you enter the meeting room, everyone should be aware of the topic for discussion. You can’t take the employees by surprise. You also allow them to think about what to say and process their feelings before entering the room.

Prepare yourself

You will be in the middle of a discussion among different parties. Prepare for the worst possibilities. If you don’t feel ready going inside the room, you might end up joining the fray. Find a way to maintain your cool. It also helps if you know everyone’s personalities. It’s easier to navigate the discussion if you know how to manage the people in the room.

Take a break

If you feel like the meeting isn’t going according to plan, call for a recess. Return to the discussion room later when you’re ready to resume. Maybe go back to your office and entertain yourself first. You can have fun as you play slots online or watch five minutes of YouTube dogs, whatever you prefer from what is available.

Listen to everyone in the room

Your role is to ensure a smooth discussion for an effective meeting. You have ideas and opinions, but don’t allow them to get in the way. You will end up adding fuel to the fire if you can’t stay in the middle. Even if other people’s ideas are not followed, they will understand it. As long as they feel heard, it’s good enough.

Don’t humiliate others 

The last thing you want to do is make some employees feel bad by humiliating them. Instead, let them know that their ideas are valid, and you will take note of them. Even if these ideas don’t make sense to you, try to listen. You can also give suggestions to polish some ideas.

Express your appreciation 

Always say thank you to your employees for taking part in the meeting. They know that it’s tough to go through the process, but they joined the conversation anyway. As the leader, find different ways to express how much you appreciate everyone in the team. It will motivate them to do better even in an unfavourable environment.

Host smaller meetings

Perhaps, having everyone in the room isn’t a good idea. Instead, try to break the teams up and have a smaller meeting. You will also get more from the group if you decide to sort them out first. Some might also feel more confident to express ideas with only a few people in the room.


The meeting won’t be perfect, and there’s always an opportunity to improve. So, take note of what went wrong and do better next time. You can manage a heated meeting without a problem by learning from your experience.

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