Tips for changing your watch strap

The first thing you need to know when you are changing your original strap for rubber watch straps for Panerai watches is what size your watch is. It’s kind of, like what size of rubber watch straps for Panerai watches you need. If your box is straight terminal, as shown in the pictures above, you have no problem. Any belt of the right size will suit your watch. But if your watch has a case with a unique setting, the subject becomes more complicated.

It’s not as easy as it looks to measure a watch case, and unless it’s a steel case, the truth is that the cases never have exact measurements. Also, some Japanese manufacturers have odd measure boxes in 15, 17, and 19mm mainly. You can use a belt of an immediately higher Size without too much trouble. So an 18mm strap usually looks good on most watches with size between 17mm handles. It will cost you a little more to mount, but you will not need to cut the strap.

In each product sheet, you will see the measurements available for each model. Occasionally you’ll find suppliers that make rubber watch straps for Panerai watches tailored to other sizes, but it’s a strange thing that you don’t see the right size as long as your watch has a standard terminal.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the thickness of your wrist. In each rubber watch straps for Panerai watches sheet, you will find each model’s length information. You’ll see two numbers, like 65×115. The first number corresponds to the size of the strap that mounts the buckle. The second corresponds to the most extended strap carrying the holes that are fastened in the clip. Note that along the belt, you will have to add the diameter of the watch case. But if you have a larger wrist, many sellers have a collection of extra-long straps so you can dress up your watch.

Many pages have a section with bracelets specially designed to serve as a replacement for specific models and brands such as rubber watch straps for Panerai watches.

Finally, your watch may have a strap with unique lace; in this case, you will need luck and patience because, unfortunately, many brands, even high-priced watches, have not bothered to have replacement straps. But don’t worry, you can always fit a custom strap.

Other decisions are a matter of preference and style. Smooth strap or stamped rubber watch straps for Panerai watches? This question concerns the rubber’s surface treatment with which the upper part of the watch straps is made. The treatment given to it to look like leather from an animal has an entirely smooth, scratched, or ribbed finish to put it another way.

In the product sheet, you will see if the belt is flat or flat, as well as its thickness. As a general rule, if the watch is sporty, you will need a ribbed strap. If it is a dress watch, you should opt for a flat model.

If your watch’s dial has color details, you can combine the strap’s color with these details. For example, some marks mount a red seconds hand with some small red details on the dial. Try a model in red, and you will see that no one will be indifferent when looking at your watch.

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