The most popular neural network for nude photos

In addition to generators for creating porn images, there are neural networks that can undress girls. You just need to upload photos into such programs, and then the AI will do everything. This guide concerns one of the most popular services – ddng in 2023. So, how does it work? 

Deep Nude as a new direction of AI development

Today, artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere. Almost every day, we see big headlines about innovations in the AI segment and increasingly sophisticated tools designed to transform various fields radically. With the help of artificial intelligence, anyone can create an original and unusual photo by spending a few minutes on it. Many experts have long noted that neural networks can replace half of the content developers. In addition, artificial intelligence and neural networks are changing the game’s rules for artists, marketers, writers, and businesses. Deep Nude AI is one of the interesting areas where intelligent chatbots are rapidly gaining momentum by generating images using words. 

How does the ddng work? 

The neural network ddng is a full-fledged deepnude generator that undresses real girls and generates virtual ones from scratch. The interface is designed as an editor for manual configuration. The services ensure the following features:

  • you can expose any part of the body manually in the editor;
  • 4 filters to choose from lingerie, bikini, barbie, anime;
  • you can choose your body type and age;
  • 3 free generations without blur but with a watermark;
  • On paid plans, it produces photos in HD and Ultra HD.
  • creates 18+ videos from an image or text description.

This service will not only undress but also modify the photo – for example, enlarge the breasts or change the hair colour. Even in the demo version, the result is natural without blur.

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