How To Become A Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter pilots work in various industries and roles, from sightseeing trips to recovery missions. Some individuals make flying their private travel or a hobby, but they all need certain qualities to reach the top level. Understanding what the role requires before indulging in this field might be essential to determine whether it is the best career for you.

Helicopter pilots specialize in operating helicopters in different locations. These pilots work in other industries to serve private organizations or get military service. Some of the industries that employ these individuals include the following;

  • Agriculture
  • Firefighting
  • Sightseeing
  • Law enforcement
  • Executive transport.

Below we discuss how to become a renowned helicopter pilot and the benefits of NVG helicopter training.

Sit for a Medical Exam

Pilot candidates must pass a medical examination before enrolling in a flight program to determine their physical and mental health. Approved physicians should perform the test, and the medical practitioner will check for the following conditions that might affect your license acquisition;

  • Drug abuse history
  • Consciousness lapses
  • Heart conditions
  • Vision impairments.

Attend Flight Schools

You are advised to take a flight degree unless you intend to fly for leisure. Most employers require applicants to have a degree in physics or math which can be acquired from most universities worldwide.

Going to a flight school is a short route to getting the best licensing because it focuses on what you need to become a pilot. This entails enough flight time and going through a written test.

Pilots learn using simulators first and undertake solo trips when the trainer thinks they are ready.

Get Financial Help

Some private institutions and flight schools provide loans to individuals wishing to join this field. Certain industry groups offer education, training, and other scholarship opportunities. Candidates might join the military, where licensing and training are handed out instead of a service.

Individuals with fixed licenses should consider a rotorcraft license as an add-on; it reduces the need for flight hours.

Get the Right License

Helicopter pilots receive a license and then get a commercial license later. The airline transport pilot is the most recognized achievement by the FAA, and all practice exams are available on their website.

Licensing happens after you accumulate night and daytime travel hours and solo and duo trips. There are different credential types for aspiring pilots, including;

Private license- Pilots must meet the following requirements to get a personal support;

  • Be over seventeen years
  • Have over forty flight hours
  • Pass all written.

Commercial license- Candidates must meet the following criteria to qualify for a commercial license;

  • Be over eighteen years
  • Have a private license
  • Complete over twenty flight hours during training
  • Do a private exam.

The commercial examination has around fifty questions; you must score about 70% to qualify. This test entails identifying the parts of an airplane, among others.

Final Thoughts

Helicopter pilots play a crucial role in society, and you need proper training to become one of the best in the game. The above article has discussed how to be a helicopter pilot, and more information on NVG helicopter training is available online.

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