Problems with laptop batteries, guide to how to keep your battery health until you need a replacement

Having a dead laptop battery is not a situation you will want to be with. Imagine wanting to move your laptop from one location to the other and then you remove the plug, and instantly the laptop goes off, with the job you have been working on for hours not saved yet. It could have even been that somebody tripped over your cable and then your computer goes off and then you can’t use it anymore. To avoid cases like this, it is a great idea to always ensure that you try to manage your battery properly. This is to avoid cases where you will need to suddenly change the battery or change much earlier than you would normally have had to change it if you were not using it regularly. Here is a guide on how to keep your battery healthy until you need a replacement. Not too long ago, this guide would have included not overcharging your battery. However, as computers and phones are getting smarter, even your battery has been taking along. As a result, the current can stop entering the battery once it is full. This helps to prevent cases of the battery swelling up due to overcharging.

Do not expose to water

Exposing your battery to water is one of the easiest ways to spoil your battery very quickly. This is the battery could get soaked in the water and the water could find its way into the battery cells. It will damage those cells and then your battery will start to weaken. Always ensure you keep your computer away from where water can flow underneath it. As much as possible, avoid putting water on the same table you are using your laptop, be it in a cup or bottle. If you must, be very careful you don’t spill it. It is worthy of note that it is not only your battery that is at risk of getting spoilt if water splashes on your laptop as there are other more sensitive devices such as your mouse pad, your keyboard, and your motherboard that water touching will surely mean your computer would be on the next flight to the nearest repairer, especially if you have an urgent task you are working on. When water spoils your battery, you will need a laptop battery replacement that you can get from an online computer accessories store after reading laptop battery reviews.

Do not use your laptop in a hot environment

Another factor that can quickly damage your battery is using it in hot conditions. You will observe that your battery might have issues charging when it gets hot. Furthermore, when you switch to battery mode, you will notice that your battery can run down as much as 10 times faster when the battery is hot compared to when it is at normal temperature.

Charging and discharging

Laptop batteries come with a specific number of charging cycles. With each cycle, the lifespan of the battery will be shortening. However, it is possible to reduce how quickly the cycle goes off. A cycle typically entails the battery moving from 0 percent to 100 percent and back to 0 percent. It is thus advised that you always maintain your battery percentage between 40 and 80 percent. This also applies to when you are traveling or you are not going to be using the laptop for a few days.

Replacing cells

It is possible to replace dead cells in a laptop battery for it to start working again normally. However, you should only do this if you are an expert or you take it to an expert to help you with it. Buying a new replacement battery is also a great option.

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