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When thinking of doors, you think a door is just a door. But a door is not just a door. There are many styles and types of doors to choose from that matches your home or business. You can find some of these door styles and door types at Jeld Wen Doors Los Angeles.

The Interior Door Styles

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Folding doors are unique doors because they have many connecting junctures that make the door like an accordion and opens up wide. These doors are great as closet doors or a divider door to divide up a huge room. There are a variety of bi-folding door textures you can choose from that you suits what you want your home to look like.

French Doors

French doors are doors that have handles in the center and open outwardly. Generally, they would open onto patios or terraces, but they can be used as a divider door or a garden door. French doors usually are made of glass.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are more a traditional style of door. They have different sizes of slats that run horizontally and vertically which makes the door have a patterned look to it. The slats make the door more solid. The Panel doors can have a glass inlay to let light in. Usually, these doors are exterior doors, but they can be also interior doors. Panel doors also can be painted to any color you would like.

Flush Doors

Flush Doors are doors that are flush to the wall without door frames. They are made of one piece of wood. They can be carved and finished so it wouldn’t look like one big slab of wood. Flush doors aren’t usually durable so some companies do make flush panel doors to make the flush doors more durable.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are doors that glide along grooves. They can consist of up to four panels with one to two panels gliding along the grooves. There are two sliding interior door types. Pocket doors and Bypass doors. Pocket doors slide along the groove and become invisible until someone slides the door back in place. Pocket doors are perfect for closets or kitchen and dining areas. They are perfect for someone with a small space where a regular door wouldn’t be possible. Bypass doors are sliding doors where one panel overlaps another panel when gliding on the groove. Generally, they are used as closet doors. Bypass doors can be mirrored, flush, and paneled.

The Exterior Door Styles

Patio Sliding Doors

Patio sliding doors are doors that open up to a patio and they also glide along a groove. They are usually made of glass inlay into wood, metal, and vinyl.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are put on the outside of the entry door to keep bad weather and insects out. They also provide ventilation with a screen. The reason they are outside the entry door is so you can leave the entry door open to let air flow into the room or let light in the room. They can be made of glass inlay, metal, vinyl, and even wood. There are also security storm doors that are sturdy and heavy. They help prevent criminals from coming into your house.

As you can see there are many types and styles to doors. Some of these can found at Jeld Wen Doors Los Angeles.

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