Perfect Dogs For Kids and Families

When families are considering adding a dog to their household, they are often looking for the perfect dogs for both kids and the family as a whole. There are a lot of opinions on what kind of dog is the best dog. Then when it comes to deciding on the breed there are still a lot of options. Popular family dogs include golden retrievers, Labradors, pugs and mutts. There are hundreds of dog breeds and it is completely up to the family which one fits best into their lifestyle.

Where To Get A Dog?

Before anyone decides what type of dog they want they need to decide where they want to get the dog. This is a personal choice for each home. Neither choice is right or wrong; it is simply a preference.

There are 2 ways to acquire a dog as a pet:

  • Adopt a dog
  • Buy a dog

Why Adopt A Dog?

Shelters are overrun in many regions. In some cases, dogs are only relinquished due to unfortunate circumstances such as a loss of home or job. This means a fully trained and possibly pure-bred dog is sitting in a shelter waiting for another home. Adopting frees up space for another dog and it gives the dog a sense of belonging.

Why Buy A Dog?

Buying a dog ensures the lineage of the dog. This is ideal for purebred dogs. Those looking at purebred dogs get the opportunity to meet the pup’s parents and interact with them to observe possible personality traits.

How To Pick The Right Dog

Once a family has decided which route they plan to go for purchase of their pet they can then begin researching which breed they want. Again, there are two types of dogs. Purebred dogs and mutts. There is no right or wrong answer on which type is best. If the family wants a dog with certain character traits then adding a purebred to the family will most likely be the best option. However, there are many adoptable dogs that live in foster care. This means they live in a volunteer’s home and interact as part of that volunteer’s family until they are adopted to a family. The volunteer is able to observe and document the dog’s behavior. So, in some cases a well observed mutt is the best way to go for a family looking for certain personality traits as well.

Take Into Consideration:

Families must take into consideration the amount of time they can dedicate to their dog. Some dogs such as cattle dogs, shepherds, rottweilers, jack russell terriers, border collies, dalmatians and Siberian huskies can be high energy. Some of the herding dogs require hiking, running and rigorous games of fetch to also burn off energy.

When dogs have too much energy built up, they become bored. When dogs become bored, they look for entertainment and this can sometimes be shown through destructive behavior. Families can utilize a Houston dog trainer or trainer from their location for ideas on solving boredom and resolving undesirable behavior. Families that are always on the go and want to bring their dog will do well with a high energy dog.

Families that are more low key and enjoy occasional walks and spending time at home will do well with dogs such as bulldogs, chow chows, basset hounds, bichon frise, boston terrier, great pyrenees, mastiffs, and papillons. These dogs are happy to be home and vegging out with their family.

It is also important to decide how much grooming and maintenance a family is willing to put into their dog. Big dogs can shed a bit more and slobber a bit more but smaller dogs can require more extensive grooming. The Houston dog trainer or local trainer may also have groomer recommendations for dogs they work with.

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