Here Are Top Benefits of Undergoing Spinal Cord Stimulation

Several treatment options exist in alleviating chronic pain. Should your pain intensity and intervals persist in your lower back, neck, and even shoulder, your doctor might opt for spinal cord stimulation in Colonia to relieve the pain.

What Is Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)?

The procedure involves implanting electrodes near your pain area. Additionally, the wires receive stimulation from a generator that your doctor inserts through an incision. The resulting current fields inhibit pain pathways. As a result, you become numb to the pain.

Less Invasive Procedure

You don’t have to worry about having scars because of incisions. The good news is that the doctor cuts only one incision for the implantation of the generator. Additionally, it is a small incision that leaves minimal or no marks. Plus, your doctor uses a fine needle to introduce the electrodes to the problematic area.

Targets Specific Areas

Another significant advantage of using the spinal cord stimulation is alleviating pain to the specific problem area compared to other treatment options, like medication. Medicna can affect the whole body with a single dose giving you side effects. For instance, if you are experiencing back pain, your doctor implants the electrodes in pain areas on your back.

Reversible Procedure

Inform your doctor if you are still experiencing pain even with the administration of the procedure. As a result, your doctor can opt to remove the stimulator, wires, and generator. In case you might be wondering, there is no risk with the removal because it is a reversible process.

Customized for You

Your doctor determines the activity of the generator depending on your pain levels. To achieve the best results, you guide your doctor in understanding your pain intensity, who will then determine how to place the electrodes.

Furthermore, you can also control the pain relief depending on your pain intensity. Additionally, the overall goal of the procedure is to eliminate pain by sending electrical pulses to the spinal cord to stop pain signals from receiving detection in the brain.

Trial Procedure

Another benefit of the SCS procedure is the ability to run a test before the semi-permanent procedure. As a result, if the method is not practical for you, you can avoid loss of money, time, and also possible side effects. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how effective the procedure will be because you’ve already had a test procedure done before undergoing the treatment.

Reduces Drug Dependency

If you are suffering from pain, strong medications have become a part of life. However, with spinal cord stimulation, you can take less medicine or even none. As a result, you can eliminate dependency on drugs, especially opioids. Moreover, you don’t need to schedule a doctor appointment for re-fills.

Spinal cord stimulation is an effective procedure in alleviating pain, therefore increasing your sleep patterns and mobility. You will also experience a higher quality of life with decreased depression symptoms that come with chronic pain. Additionally, it is also a viable option if you have chronic nerve damage.

Spinal Cord Stimulation is an efficient process in helping you resume your normal activities. While you couldn’t previously walk up and down the stairs because of the pain, spinal cord stimulation restores the freedom to pursue your everyday activities.

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