Benefits of Reconstructive Surgery

One of the services offered by Jaymes Granata MD is reconstructive surgery. If you have arthritis, bunions, torn ligaments, a broken or fractured bone, you can get reconstructive surgery if it is not responding to other conservative treatments.

Reconstructive surgery is not the first form of surgery recommended so it is not commonly applied. Your experience of reconstructive surgery will depend on the nature of your condition. It will often include a customized treatment plan.

Reconstructive surgery can be used to treat a wide array of conditions due to its benefits that include:

More Confidence

Reconstructive surgery will not only repair the function of a damaged area but also improve its aesthetics. It is especially so for procedures such as removing bunions.

Though true confidence should come from within, looking better can give you a significant amount of confidence especially when repairing a deformity. As the name suggests, the procedure is meant to correct a blemish in the body.

We can always do with more confidence as you can never have enough. Confidence affects all other areas of your life from your work to your relationships. It increases the chances of success in any endeavor in which you participate.

A Better Life

Health conditions are adversities that affect our entire lives. They can send our lives reeling into negativity if we do not take the correct steps to remedy it.

Chronic conditions such as arthritis are especially damaging to a person’s mental health. Worse still, they may alienate you from other people and discourage you from participating in social activities which can further send your life into a tailspin.

What reconstructive surgery will do is remedy your condition surgically. Fixing such conditions will enable you to do more which will most certainly enhance your life.

Better Function

A damaged body part, especially a muscle, tendon, or joint can severely limit its ability to serve its function. Reconstructive surgery is a conclusive way to address this as changes will be made directly to it.

For example, if you have arthritis, you may be discouraged from participating in a wide range of activities since your joints will have limited function. Reconstructive surgery can fix this and allow you to have more mobility and function in the affected joints.

In fact, after reconstructive surgery, your body may feel better and be able to function in a more enhanced way than ever before. That will help various elements of your life particularly those that relate to physical activity.

Increased Opportunities

Reconstructive surgery will open up a whole world of opportunities for you. By removing certain negative elements, both aesthetically and functionally, you will be able to participate in many more activities and arenas in life.

For example, someone with a deep scar or significant burns may be severely limited in opportunities due to their appearance. It is especially so in a social aspect. However, once the issue is fixed, they are able to have more opportunities come their way which may also include professional opportunities.

On the other hand, you should think very deeply about getting reconstructive surgery to take advantage of an opportunity. You may spend some money but still not get the chance you wanted.

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