Domain Name Ideas to Remember while Choosing a Domain

It is confusing to choose a particular name for the business at the moment. Considering how important it is to choose the right domain name, we have compiled and represented some of the domain name ideas along with the factors that you can consider for your business.

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  • Always go with the right domain extension

When it comes to domain name extensions, one thing is certain “.com” is still the finest option that you can opt for without a second thought. As per the statistics, it is opted for and used by 37% of all domains. Due to the fact that it is easy to remember and recall. While there are many successful websites with the “.net” and “.org” extensions, your website will most likely perform better if it has the “.com” suffix. Most importantly, always avoid strange extensions like “.space” and other relevant names.

  • Prefer brandable over generic names

Generic is always preferable by website owners to be creative and brandable. Remember that your domain name is how people will locate, remember, and share your business on the internet. It serves as the cornerstone of your brand. It shows the outlook of the business.

The primary distinction between a brandable and generic domain name is as follows:

A brandable domain name is distinct and distinguishes itself, and stands out from the competition, but a generic domain name is typically filled with keywords.

For instance, stands out because they represent something. There is a trust factor when consumers hear certain domain names. Keep that factor in mind while choosing a domain name for the business.

  • Prefer a short domain name then the long one

It is better to opt for a short name, and you know why. It is easy to remember and recall. As per Domain statistics, the best and most popular domain name length is 12 characters. Here, popularity refers to the volume of web traffic received by the website.

Start with the aim for a name that will be of 6 to 14 characters and not more than that. Keep it concise and short.

  • Consider the spelling and make it easy to spell

It is the most important factor. People generally skip the domain name because they don’t remember how to spell it. Google and Twitter are so easy to remember and spell, and that’s the major reason they’re so popular now.

These are some of the domain name ideas and factors that you must consider for the right choice. Always keep the business’s outlook in mind while choosing a domain name.

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