Offshore wind energy refers to power generated from wind farms constructed in water bodies such as oceans. The wind farms generate wind which is used to generate electricity. Wind farms are installed in water bodies to take advantage of the high wind speeds produced at the high seas because of the absence of barriers, unlike on land. Currently, offshore wind farms are installed in shallow waters up to 60meters deep and away from maritime traffic, strategic naval installations, coast, and places of ecological interest. When wind farms are located offshore, much larger areas can be used, and the visual and acoustic impact is limited.

To make the most out of offshore wind farms, technicians use the latest technological innovations such as impact hammers to install mega structures seated on the seabed. Lets us look at the advantages of wind energy which makes it such a fast-growing energy resource.

The wind is a clean energy source.

Unlike power plants that rely on burning fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal, wind energy does not pollute the environment. When people burn fossil fuels, they release nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and other particulate matter harmful to human health and have economic damages. But wind farms do not produce atmospheric emissions that are harmful to the environment.

More energy

Technicians install wind farms on the high seas to take advantage of faster wind speeds. The more the wind, the more energy it produces. Minimal increases in wind speeds result in very high increases in power. For example, a 15mph wind turbine is able to generate twice as much energy as a 12mph wind turbine.

A steady source of energy

Faster speeds mean that more energy can be generated. In addition to that, offshore wind farms are steadier than on land due to the absence of barriers. That results in a reliable source of energy.

It is a sustainable energy source.

Just like the sun, the wind is a sustainable source of energy. For as long the sun keeps on shining, and the wind blows, people can generate more energy which means that it is sustainable and reliable.

Enables countries to meet their high energy needs

Today, energy needs are rapidly growing with the growth of technology. People need reliable energy to run their households, their business, and typically most of their activities during the day. The use of computers and mobile phones had led to more energy needs. Harnessing offshore wind energy enables countries to meet the high energy needs of their populations. That is mainly in coastal areas where energy needs are very high because more people are concentrated in coastal cities. Installing wind farms in these areas help meet the high energy needs of the residents.

Wind turbines can be installed in existing ranches.

It is possible to construct wind turbines in existing farms and ranches to take advantage of renewable energy, which is cost-effective. Wind turbines only take a fraction of the existing farm so the farmer can continue to work on their farm. That provides landowners with a cost-effective way to run their farms.

The bottom line

Offshore wind energy is renewable, clean, and sustainable. Wind farms create more jobs since wind turbine technicians are continuously growing in demand. Offshore wind farms do not consume water; therefore, they are an environmentally friendly energy source.

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