A Closer Look at Ultratooth® Dental Implants

Implants are the most preferred way to redefine smiles; they give you the look and feel of normal teeth with the strength to eat hard foods.  Ultratooth® is a dental implant that helps reduce the time associated with implant procedures. With this technology, you will have your implants much faster. Find your implant dentist in Orlando, FL, and enjoy the latest technology in tooth implants.

How does Ultratooth® help redefine your smile?

Ultratooth® is a technology that will make you appreciate dental medicine. The implants made by Biodent fuse with your jaw, giving you a better smile. If you have had implants in the past, you will remember the lengthy process required to install the replacement teeth. However, when you use Ultratooth®, you can cut the time taken to have implants in place. The technology makes sure you only need one appointment. 

What issues can you solve with Ultratooth Implants?

While anyone can use the technology, it is more suitable for people who have lost their permanent teeth. People who have had a recent extraction can also make use of the technology. When you reach Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, the dentist will assess your medical issues and recommend the treatment if it fits your profile.

What benefits do Ultratooth dental implants provide?

Ultratooth implants have certain advantages that make them stand out. These structures preserve your jaws as they prevent gum recession. Therefore, you have no reason to worry about gum recession or any other gum-based issue. With Ultratooth implants, you will benefit from the following:

  •         Restore your teeth’s functions
  •         Give you near-instant results
  •         Make you feel comfortable after the loss of your teeth
  •         Help you chew and bite properly

Implants also help you avoid other issues such as losing bone mass and other gum problems due to missing teeth.

 What to expect in an Ultratooth implant procedure

The procedure begins with a session with Dr. Marcano, who analyzes your mouth. The doctor will recommend the procedure if it fits your situation. The next step involves your personal goals – the ones you have set for yourself after the procedure. An analysis of your mouth involves x-rays, implant compatibility, and a check on your alveolar bone. Your dentist will also confirm if you have enough bone mass before giving you the procedure. The analysis session ends with impressions, which help create the best implants to fit your mouth. On the first day, you will go home with temporary implants as you wait for the permanent ones. In a week, you will have a real reason to smile as the dentist completes fitting the permanent implants.

Is there any downtime with Ultratooth® implants?

 Apart from little discomforts, you can go on as normal with the implants. That means you can  chew, bite, and do other normal things with your teeth.

Get a redefinition with your implants by having Ultratooth® implanted. You will regain the power to chew and other normal things with your teeth. Call the dentist or make your booking online to start your journey to smile redefinition.

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