Women Health: Why You Need to See An OB/GYN

The term obstetrics and gynecology is one that is not new to women. More so, if you are planning to conceive or you are expectant, you may have visited them, not once, but several times. These doctors specialize in giving medical care to pregnant women. These professionals will help you through every stage in your pregnancy until you deliver your baby, and even after. Their expertise also includes prenatal as well as postnatal care. Therefore, there is a need, if you are expectant or you want to keep your reproductive health in check to find knowledgeable and reputable Women’s Healthcare Physicians in Naples, Florida.

What Obstetricians Do

The work of an obstetrician-gynecologist is keeping your reproductive system healthy. An obstetrician will ensure a healthy pregnancy to delivery. They understand the complexities surrounding pregnancies. For a high-risk pregnancy, these professionals may perform cesarean or other interventions as necessary. You should strive to find a highly trained doctor in gynecology who understands women’s reproductive health. If you are having a high-risk pregnancy, then you will need to be attended to by an obstetrician more often as they monitor the progress. An OB/GYN tracks the baby’s growth and position. They may also refer you for routine check-ups and tests. These specialists can also prepare you for the labor and birthing process.

Why you need to visit an OB/GYN

It is recommended that women from the age of 13 start seeing their OB/GYN every year. General physical examination at the obstetrician-gynecologist includes obtaining standard vital signs, palpating the abdomen, determining body mass index, inguinal lymph nodes, and assessing overall health. Some patients also have clinical tests and pelvic examinations done. Therefore, if you are experiencing something slightly uncomfortable or serious with your body, these specialists could detect the cause before it gets out of hand. Visiting them is like taking your automobile for a tune-up or oil change.

Pregnancy visits

These specialists are essential in every part of your pregnancy. It is disheartening that only 65% of American women seek medical care from professionals when pregnant, a statistic reveals. While it may be just fine to walk into any clinic throughout your pregnancy, it is even better to seek services from a trained gynecologist. When you choose and establish a regular doctor to see while you are pregnant, any concerns can be followed up on better than if you go to a walk-in clinic where they don’t know your history, and you may not get the same provider every time.

Irregular menstruation

If you are concerned about your menstrual cycle, it is vital to visit an OB/GYN as soon as possible. Do not ignore the problem as it could cause a reproduction problem someday. If they have stopped or have become irregular, or even last longer than normal, you should tell your OB/GYN in great detail.

Breast exams

These exams are mostly recommended for women who are beyond the age of 40. Nonetheless, if your family history has breast cancer incidences, it is better to start the tests earlier. At Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples, you will find an experienced team of board-certified physicians you can count on. This is the place to visit when you need personalized attention and top of the line health care. Services offered here include:

  • Annual well women exams
  • Endometriosis
  • Family planning
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Prenatal care and delivery
  • Urinary incontinence, to name a few

Visit your gynecologist to learn more about reproductive health.

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