Will Portugal be able to lead Europe to the favourable path in 2021?

Notícias atuais is that Portugal is all set to lead the European Union. Though there are many challenges, if handled skilfully Portugal will be able to be successful.

It is on this month that Portugal has taken up the role of the President of the European Council for the fourth time. This decision has undoubtedly brought challenges with itself. The situation of pandemic and the taken decisions to gear up the finances and health systems across the European Union- has forced Portugal to reconsider the concerns it planned to put forth. It is a needy hour when the country’s ministers will need to make use of all their skills to overcome the financial and health crisis Europe is going through.

Considering the above situation, the current scenario also offers the European Union an opportunity to reinforce its “strategic sovereignty” in the required fields. Although the requirements are challenging, they are clear.

The foremost thing Europe needs to do is to work with the new US president and concentrate on the restructuring of the Transatlantic community. The transatlantic relationship is no more taken lightly in Europe and considering the United States’ foreign policy under the changing nature of domestic politics. In recent years, Europe has realised the need to improve in the fields of security and defence, trade, etc. To speak vividly, the strategic sovereignty of Europe and its future in the Transatlantic alliance are primarily dependent on each other.

It is need of the hour for Portugal to have a talk with the United Kingdom about the maintenance of strategic relationship on security and defence within the structure of fortified European dimension of NATO.

Also, the obscurity towards China, present in all over the European Union needs to be changed. It needs to be replaced by a different policy including questions of business models, economic development, growth of strategic sectors, and most importantly, mutual respect within countries and giving importance to human rights.

Another thing the leaders need to keep in mind is that it is time that Europe needs to consider the alliances with Asian countries like India, Japan, and Australia as measures to maintain their own security. The EU-India summit is to be held in May. This is the perfect opportunity to build a strategic relationship with the largest democracy in the world. The topic of security and climate should be brought up in the summit. India can also be viewed as a provider of value chain goods.

Skilled leadership of Portugal will make progress in several significant areas across the European Union.

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