Why You Should Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Do you have constant pain due to problems with your wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth emerge after all the teeth have grown, but not everyone gets them, and some fail to appear correctly out of the gums. Sometimes the mouth could have too little space for the wisdom teeth to fit, leading to misaligned teeth and other dental issues. To sort the dental problems, it could help if you extracted them to avoid misalignment and pain. For the extraction of wisdom teeth in Huntington Beach, visit Orange Coast Dental Specialty. They will inform you why you should remove the wisdom teeth and what to expect from the procedure.

Why You Should Remove Wisdom Teeth

Most people get these teeth sometime within their teen and early 20’s, but not everyone gets wisdom teeth. Although wisdom teeth develop naturally, they sometimes have issues erupting. People with impacted wisdom teeth could have limited room in their mouth, leading to problems in the mouth.

Wisdom teeth that require removal could have grown at an angle towards the second molar or the back of the mouth, thus impacting chewing. Problems may also increase if the wisdom teeth are lying down on the jawbone at a right angle to the rest of the teeth in the mouth. Wisdom teeth that are on a good rise could impact the other teeth. Some people could have wisdom teeth that grow straight but get trapped in the jawbone.

Problems that could result from impacted teeth could be mild to chronic pain. They could trap food and debris on the wisdom teeth, which lead to gum infection. If the wisdom teeth get decayed, it could damage the nearby teeth. Sometimes you could develop a fluid-filled sac around the wisdom teeth. 

How to Prevent Future Problems

Although dentists may disagree on removing asymptomatic wisdom teeth, they could still harbor diseases. If there is no space for the wisdom teeth to erupt, they will need to be removed, but if they have erupted well but with gum skin flaps, it could help cut off the flaps as they could retain food particles, compromising the health of the mouth.

What to Expect at Your Dentist’s Office

The dentist could perform the removal of the wisdom teeth at their office, and they could conduct both physical and imaging exams on the erupting teeth. If the teeth are impacted deeply, they might refer you to specialized surgeons who will conduct the procedure. You might have to inform the dentist about past dental problems, as dental issues could intensify with improperly erupted wisdom teeth.

The Bottom Line

Wisdom teeth that do not erupt properly impact overall oral health; it is therefore helpful to remove them. Your dentist could conduct both physical and imaging exams on the wisdom teeth to determine if they have enough space and impact the other teeth.

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