Why you should consider having plastic surgery in winter

Plastic surgery is a complex undertaking that involves many steps from your initial consultation to the surgery to the full recovery process. Just the postoperative healing can take up to 3 to 6 months with some operations. This means that if you get the surgery in spring or summer, there’s a pretty decent chance you won’t have a chance to show off your new and improved self to the full extent that you might want to over the warmer months.

Really, considering how much time the overall process can take, it would be a shame to do it over the summer when all of the best social engagements and activities are usually held. Instead, consider having your procedure done in winter so you can reap the added benefits that the winter months offer post-surgery patients.

H2: It’s easier to stay home during winter

Many people who have had plastic surgery in Sydney will be able to tell you that it’s no fun if you’re recovering during summer. Having plastic surgery done during the hot months means you can forget spending your days lounging next to the beach or pool, wandering through the city’s many fantastic night markets, or spending balmy nights with friends at the bar – instead you’ll be at home doing some much-needed healing. That’s why it’s often a better idea to have your operation done during autumn or winter. Not only are there far fewer reasons to go out and about, but people are far more willing to accept it when you decline their invitation due to cold temperatures too. Also, you’re far less likely to do something silly like resume normal activities before the recommended time.

H2: It helps you maintain privacy

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of unnecessary stigma around plastic surgery. But the reality is it’s nobody’s business what you decide to have done to your body and there’s nothing for you to be ashamed of. With that being said, plenty of people that have plastic surgery done would prefer not to advertise it to the whole world. Sydney doesn’t get too cold even in the dead of winter, but it’s still much more comfortable wearing long sleeves and other things that help mask compression garments during June, July and August than it is in December, January and February.

H2: It allows enough time for swelling to dissipate

Anyone living in Australia knows that the majority of social engagements and events happen over the summer. This is the case for every city and Sydney is no different. So why would you want to interfere with that by having plastic surgery around that time? But it’s not just about the initial recovery time that you need to complete before returning to normal activities. Bruising and swelling can last much longer than the initial healing process. By having your procedure completed in autumn or winter you’re giving your body plenty of time to be totally back to normal by the time summer rolls around.

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