Why to opt for the best online trading platform in India?

Many people are turning towards the forex trading market to increase the returns on investment.

Here are few reasons to seek out the best online trading platform in India to gain the best results for your needs –   

  • Lower commissions and transaction costs

The process has lower exchange and clearance fees. So, you need to pay lower government and brokerage on the transactions.

The retail transaction costs are essentially less than .1 percent under normal conditions. For trading in larger spread, the values can be as low as 0.07 percent.

  • Helps to avoid broker and seller bias

The broker bias occurs when the broker gives the clients financial advice based on the factors that deliver them huge earning. However, when you trade online, you can easily avoid both buyer and seller bias to get the best results.

  • No fixed lot sizes

In the futures market, by using the best online trading platform in India – a lot of contract sizes are determined by the exchanges. For instance, the standard sized contract for silver trading is 5000 ounces.

Using the spot forex trading, you select the best lot size for your needs. With this, you can trade in as low as 25 dollars.

  • 24-hour trading market

With these markets and by using the best online trading platform in India, you do not need to have to wait for an opening or closing bells. The common trend is opening in Australia and endings in New York. If you are trading on part time basis, this is a good idea to boost your income.

  • High liquidity

Since the forex market is extremely enormous, it is extremely liquid as well. This is a major advantage because you can gain the best results for your investment and all under the click of the mouse. With the best online trading platform in India, you can never get stuck in the trade. When you get the desired levels of profit, you can quickly resell the futures.

  • Low barriers to entry

You can easily get entry into the market even with lower values. Many brokers offer both mini and micro trading options with values as low as 25 dollars.


Many demo accounts are also available for those who are financially hampered. As a result, they can practice with play money and mitigate the risk factors. This helps to hone the skills to boost the final outcomes instead of risking your hard-earned money.

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