When Physicians Seek a New Placement

Being a highly trained and highly compensated medical professional carries with it some unique challenges.  Finding a different place of employment is one of the biggest challenges.

The Arthur Marshall recruitment service solves those problems. This service matches physicians and other advanced practice professionals with openings all across the country.


The Arthur Marshall team is built on a group of highly experienced and successful consultants.  Curtis Pryor, CEO, has over 30 years of experience in recruiting and placing physicians.  President Bruce Crawford also has spent over 30 years staffing physicians.  The rest of the team rounding out our service consists of equally qualified consultants who know how to vet the best candidates and find the perfect placement for each candidate. Our consultants have an average of over 12 years of experience.

Who We Serve

A superior placement service serves both sides of the equation:  the institution that has an opening and a physician who has a desire to change placements. Arthur Marshall physician recruitment services know that each side of the equation is equally important.

We serve hospitals, dental offices, rural hospitals, optometric offices, surgical outpatient clinics, and mental health offices.  We welcome openings from any healthcare setting.

Our consultants work with these healthcare settings to find out their present and future needs for physicians in all specialties, dentists in all specialties, and private physician practices.

On the other side, we welcome inquiries from all physicians and advanced practice professionals from all healthcare specialties including academics.


There are many times when a physician might be looking for a new placement.  Doctors who are finishing their residency at a teaching hospital will be looking for permanent employment.  Sometimes the spouse of a physician has been offered a better job, but it requires both of them to relocate.  Sometimes after working in a metro area, doctors might want to switch to a rural area.

Our recruitment team handles everything for physicians so that they can focus on doing their own job.  Physicians don’t have a lot of time for house-hunting and everything else that goes along with relocation.  Arthur Marshall works with the entire community including real estate advisors to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Healthcare Settings

Many times, a physician’s office may be planning to expand and will want to find a physician who fits their corporate culture.  Arthur Marshall is well versed in finding a physician with the personality and the expertise to fill that opening. It does no good to find an excellent doctor but later find out that the physician doesn’t mesh with the rest of the doctors.

Because Arthur Marshall pulls from a pool of applicants from all over the country, we are able to find someone who has the requisite training, education, and expertise to be a good fit for your healthcare organization.

As the population in the United States is aging, many healthcare settings find that they are facing many retirements.  They need to use a prestigious placement service like Arthur Marshall to help them find someone who is confident and experienced enough to fill that kind of opening.

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