What You Should Know About Robotics-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Do you have knee pain that is caused by arthritis? If yes, worry no more because advancement in technology has brought out treatment methods that can provide relief for the long term. If you suffer from knee pain, robotic knee surgery may offer you comfort and a quick recovery with lifelong results. If you feel stiffness, pain, and instability that has affected your daily functioning, Houston robotics-assisted knee replacement specialist such as Dr. Bennett is a certified surgeon specializing in several orthopedic services to improve your quality of life.

Am I an appropriate candidate for robotics-assisted knee replacement surgery?

Before undergoing this type of surgery, you need to get clearance from the doctor, who will ensure that you are fit for it. If you are appropriate for traditional surgery, then robotics-assisted knee replacement surgery is suitable for you. Even if the pain is severe, you are not fit for this surgery if:

  •         You have weak thigh muscles that may not be able to support the new knee
  •         You have deep and long-lasting wounds below the knee

What are the benefits of robotics-assisted knee replacement surgery?

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis or any abnormality on your knee that calls for surgery, robotics-assisted knee surgery gives you the following benefits:

  •         Accurate planning before surgery
  •         This type of surgery uses an 3D imaging device that allows your doctor to plan for the surgery on your affected area. This provides precision in performing the surgery.
  •         This type of surgery enables your doctor to individually handle each part of the knee to be replaced, giving them enough time to handle it, minimizing the risks of complications after surgery and the need to repeat the procedure.
  •         This procedure is safe because there is a minimum risk of losing blood since it allows your doctor to only carry out surgery on the significant part created by the pre-operation plan.
  •         Another significant benefit is that you will take a shorter time in recovery and have no complications after the operation.

How is robotics-assisted knee replacement done?

During the procedure, your doctor will use a robotic 3D imaging device to see the features that make up your knee. This device’s advantage is that it gives precise and detailed information about your knee, thus promoting an accurate and successful procedure. During the process, your doctor will use the robotic 3D device, which guides them in the procedure. This device allows for accuracy, which would not be successful without it. The robotic arm is essential in putting the blade in the right place and shaping the bones before the procedure. This system allows your doctor to perform the surgery in the correct location.

Knee replacement is a popular operation, and many people can return to their regular duties after surgery. However, some risks may occur if you do not take care of it. It would help if you discussed the risks and what you must do to promote healing or avoid complications if you discussed it with your doctor.

It would help if you also kept in touch with your doctor after the procedure while following instructions. This ensures that you heal quickly and you do not experience difficulties, thus, effective results are achieved towards a pain-free life.

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