What you should know about children orthodontics

Straightening your child’s smile when they are young is very important. By making sure you have treated your kid’s orthodontic concerns early is essential in building their confidence. That is why Cedar Park children’s orthodontics at Freedom orthodontics offers these procedures to give children a healthy smile. Please schedule a consultation by calling the clinic or use their online tools.

About children’s orthodontics

Children’s orthodontics is a branch of orthodontics dedicated to treating younger patients. Children’s needs differ from teens and adults because their jaws and teeth are still growing. Due to this, it’s highly recommended that interceptive treatment is used on them. Interceptive treatments are procedures administered to stop developing an orthodontic condition by intercepting the concern before it gets the chance to worsen.

What is the right age to see an orthodontist?

There is no right age for orthodontic treatment. The American Association of orthodontics advises scheduling a child’s first consultation around their seventh birthday. At that age, children have a mix of primary and permanent teeth. This is the best time to begin monitoring their development and advise on whether treatment is recommended. They also advise when it should start, the form of treatment, and estimate its length. The problem also determines the child’s timing or development and the child’s dental development stage. Some patients may require tooth movement only, while others may need help guiding their jaws’ growth. It may also be to correct a sucking habit or abnormal swallowing pattern that can reshape the bone.

What are the common orthodontic conditions in children?    

Most orthodontic conditions are inherited, while some are acquired developing over time. Whatever the cause, orthodontists are usually able to treat most conditions successfully. Below are some of the reasons why children need orthodontic treatment:

          Excessive space between teeth

           Holding space after early tooth loss

          Poor dental hygiene

          Poor nutrition

          Severe overjet




          Open bite

          Thumb or finger sucking

What is the Importance of starting orthodontic care early?

Starting your child’s treatment earlier is flexible in detecting and addressing conditions before becoming something more complex. With younger patients, the teeth and jawbone are still developing, making it easier to guide them into a proper position effectively. Taking an early step saves both time and money and makes the child’s experience simpler. It reduces the extent of orthodontic treatment needed later. The process involves aligning the four front teeth with brackets and wires then adding retainers to hold their position until the child’s mouth is mature enough for full braces. It prevents tooth removal and improves an overbite, underbite, or crossbite in its right place. The treatment will help a child bite and chew and contribute to clear speech. They will also have an attractive smile that will bring emotional benefits.

In conclusion, there will be an improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem as the treatment brings teeth, lips, and face into proportion. Straight teeth are less prone to decay, gum disease, and injury. To learn more about the procedure, call or schedule a visit at the clinic.

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