What You Must Know if You are Diagnosed with Arthritis

Arthritis refers to over a hundred complications that affect your joints. This is a common complication that causes considerable pain and can leave you incapacitated. However, medical experts such as Dev Sen, MD, with outstanding experience while managing arthritis in Fredericksburg, can help you manage your condition. Although living with the condition is not easier, there are several things you can do with the help of such providers as Dr. Sen to help you carry on with your quality of life. Besides, there are several things you need to note as you may have heard rumors about the condition.


In most cases, unmanaged arthritis makes carrying out simple, daily activities often difficult and painful. However, this may not be the situation if you receive proper care and collaborate with your doctor. No one wants anything to stop them from doing what they love, including working to earn a living for their families. Fortunately, there have been improved treatment approaches towards managing arthritis, enabling you to return to work despite being diagnosed with the condition.

Healthy Eating and Arthritis

Developing a healthy eating habit is crucial for your overall well-being. Besides, it is critical to have been diagnosed with arthritis to eat a balanced diet as it will give you all the nutrients you need to fight the complication. It will also help you maintain a healthy weight, one of the factors that can contribute to or make your condition worse. If you are overweight, dropping some pounds can help you cope up with your condition.

Your diet needs to consist of various foods, including starchy foods, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy foods, proteins, and foods containing sugars and fat. You can consult your doctor further about the particular foods you need when dealing with arthritis.

Exercises and Arthritis

It is always good to keep fit for your overall health, which you can achieve through exercises. Although painful arthritis may make you feel like not exercising, you must try as much as possible to stay active as it can help you relieve the pain. You can consult your provider on the necessary simple exercises to help you in such a situation. Exercises will help you boost your energy, reduce stiffness, increase muscle strength, and improve your range of movement and joint mobility.

Joint Care is Essential

If you have arthritis, your joints are in danger of being damaged. Therefore, it is high time to seek special care for your joint to minimize the damage caused by your condition and prevent further damage. You can protect your joints by using your body joints accordingly, such as using stronger joints as levers instead of weaker ones. You can also spread your weight when carrying objects on several joints other than stressing one or a few joints, and you can also avoid gripping too tightly.

Practical Tips at Home

As you work with your provider to manage your complication, you have a significant role to play to ease your symptoms and manage your condition. At home, keep things at easy reach, use a handrail, use electric kitchen equipment and other helpful tools to make your work easier, and ensure your taps are easier to open by fitting levers.

If you are diagnosed with arthritis, the above information is essential in managing your complication. At Prime Regenerative and Pain Management, Dr. Sen will work with you and offer effective treatment options to manage your condition.

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