What to Look for In Container Trees

Evergreen conifers, like pine, juniper, fir, and cypress trees, are all great container trees. Several of these conifers and many more container trees can be found at the Texas tree farm. When selecting a container tree there are a few signs to look for.

Container trees are a little pricey, but they are a worthy investment as they require a minimal amount of care. Roots in the vessel are intact and the tree has not been stressed by removing it from the ground. Containers are shorter than other trees, but the roots of the tree will expand and grow into a beautiful conifer.

Because the tree is smaller it does not have to use as much energy to create food. Some of that energy can be used to develop the roots of the tree.

What to Look for In Container Trees

Conifer trees are a bit expensive, but they are the perfect tree for beginners as they do not require as much maintenance as other trees. When looking for a container tree look for these qualities.


Look for a tree that has very little scarring in the trunk from the branches of the tree to the root flare. Ensure the tree has very few dead branches in the crown and has is in a healthy condition with no blotches or perforations on the leaves. Stay away from trees that look damaged or diseased. A tree that has a strong center trunk is the most important feature of a container tree. Do not select a tree with a double trunk. The branches can be cut as the tree grows to make sure the weight and shape of the tree are balanced.

How to Care for Your Container Tree

Be careful with the trunk of the tree when you transfer it to different locations. It can create some damage to the tree. Do not scratch or cut the tree with your tools or on solid surfaces. Limit the amount of healing and recovery time as the tree has to concentrate on focusing its strength on the roots.

Keep the tree safe from the wind on your way home. Place the tree into the back trunk to prevent it from being damaged or destroyed. Lay the plant on its side if you have a sedan or station wagon on a tarp for easy cleanup.

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