What To Do When There Is A Faulty Transfer Case

When the car is running smoothly but it becomes difficult to switch gears smoothly that is when there might be some issue with the transfer case. The transfer case has to work smoothly in order for the smooth power transfer from the transmission to all the axles.

When there is a fault with the transfer case that is already in function in the car then there is a way to repair them, that is called a remanufactured transfer case.

What is a remanufactured transfer case?

A remanufactured transfer case is a transfer case that is completely disassembled and then re-assembled on an assembly line. Each component that is present in that will be cleaned, inspected for any issues, and then reconditioned by the technician who has more knowledge on that particular process.

After disassembly and inspection are done for all the components, and all the components meet the specifications they are set again on the assembly line for reassembly.

Cost for a remanufactured transfer case

The cost for remanufacturing a transfer case usually depends on the make and model of the vehicle. The cost that will be required for the labor in order to install will be in addition to the price of the unit and altogether the cost lies between $400 and $800.

Steps involved in remanufacturing process:

  •     At the starting stage when the transfer case is said to be faulty it is completely disassembled and all the parts are noted carefully.
  •     When all the internal parts are recorded the old gaskets are disposed and the parts like gears, case, shafts are all washed under a high-pressure parts washer.
  •     All the disassembled parts are inspected for any cracks, imperfections and if any parts are not suitable or not passed criteria they are replaced with the best parts.
  •     All components include electrical components like solenoids. Upgraded and updated components will be installed and then they are sent for assembly.
  •     Once assembling is done every remanufactured transfer case will be tested as they should work when they are used in real-time cars. If there are any faulty parts then they will be again sent to repeat the remanufacturing process.

Advantage of remanufactured transfer cases

The biggest advantage, in this case, is the warranty that they offer. A good warranty will give repair costs that are from a licensed shop irrespective of the location.

This warranty has to cover both the parts and the labor cost. Normally for transfer case repairs, the average cost will be $50/hour. So, if the warranty is offered make sure that can pay at least this much amount.

How to buy a remanufactured transfer case?

In order to buy a transfer case that is remanufactured, there are basically two ways. They are

  1.     Buying locally
  2.     Buying online or through any auto parts shops.


Towards the backside of the vehicle, there will be a number that will help in identifying the exact model of the vehicle. They can also be looked at with the help of the VIN#.

The transfer cases last depending on the driving abilities and the practiced maintenance procedures.

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