What to Be More Likable? Here are Some Effective Ways you can Try

Some people tend to be more charismatic than others. However, anybody can become more charismatic over time. This can include the need to improve your social skills and emotional skills.

Below are some ways become charismatic:

Show More Facial Expressions

Learn to express emotions more clearly and more accurately. Start by practicing various expressions in a mirror and soliciting feedback from others on how well you are communicating your feelings. But, you must control your expressions.

Listen Actively

Active listening is also an important skill you must learn. This means focusing on what the other person is saying and reflecting back what you are hearing instead of focusing on what you want to say.

Share Anecdotes and Stories

Using anecdotes and stories when speaking can help you draw people’s attention to you. Thus, if you are wondering how to be a charismatic person, you must tap into the power of this approach to make messages more engaging and help your listeners connect with you.

Pick your Attitude and Words

The words you use will impact other people’s attitude and this affects you. People all want to associate with happy, fulfilled, and enthusiastic people. Your approach and words can help others feel better about themselves and also make you feel better about yourself.

Live with Purpose

Those who have confidence and charisma also live with purpose. You may want to choose a cause, a goal, and a vision and live it. Although you might not know where you will go at all times, you must look like you know. Keep in mind that people like confident individuals, even if other qualities are less attractive.

Practice Mirroring if you are Not Sure

Mirroring qualities will easily make you charismatic at the moment. This means matching the other person’s physical mannerisms and energy levels. You do not have to agree with everything they say or do; however, you have to act the way they do to some degree. Depending on the social setting, this can take place naturally. However, this simple way can increase your charisma. Also, you can mirror the qualities you find likable in others. Look to charismatic people and learn their secrets, try them on, and make them suit you. Although some people might be full of themselves, you can still lift the effective, charismatic qualities for yourself and make use of them. Emulating those you know are likable will let you learn things about how you can become more charismatic.

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