What is Fatty Liver and How to Get Rid of It?

Fatty liver happens when too much fat accumulates in the liver cells. You can have a little fat, but if it is more than 5 per cent, then it may lead to a fatty liver. A number of this condition is associated with non alcoholic liver disease or NAFLD. NAFL is deemed the initial and reversible stage of liver disease. But it usually goes undiagnosed. As time goes by, it leads to a severe liver condition called the non alcoholic steatohepatitis, which can further lead to fibrosis or scar tissue where the liver cells are frequently injured, and they die. It also further leads to increased risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease.

Causes of fatty liver

  1. Obesity

This entails low grade inflammation that will encourage liver fat storage.

  1. Excess belly fat

The people with normal weight may also develop fatty liver is they carry too much fat around the waist.

  1. Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance, as well as, high insulin levels raise liver fat storage in people having type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  1. High intake of refined carbs

This encourages liver fat storage, particularly when overweight or insulin resistant people eat a lot of it

  1. Sugary beverage consumption

Sugary beverages like energy drinks and soda are loaded with fructose which triggers the liver fat accumulation in kids and adults.

  1. Impaired gut health

When you have an imbalance in gut bacteria, issues with the gut barrier function or the leaky gut or other gut health issues, it may cause more NAFLD issues.

Dietary treatments

  1. Lose weight and avoid overeating

Weight loss is the best and easiest way to reverse fatty liver if you are obese or overweight. As a matter of fact, weight loss helps in losing fatty liver in people having NAFLD just by changing their diet or by exercising or both. It also improved the liver fat and insulin sensitivity may retain even if some of the weight is regained. If the diet doesn’t help, you can also take a Supplement that Can Reduce Fatty Liver.

  1. Cut back on refined and general carbs

This is the most obvious way to reduce fatty liver. But researchers claim that only 16 per cent of liver fat is reduced when not consuming carbs. Instead, most liver fat is derived in a process known as de novo lipogenesis or DNL.

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