What Everyone Should Know About A Root Canal

People have spread a lot of myths about root canal therapy that just a mention of the procedure causes fear. These are just exaggerated claims about discomfort, which are obviously not true. Provided you visit a qualified dentist, they should carefully remove the infected tissue without complications. Book an online appointment with Delray Medical & Dental for effective preventive and oral restoration treatments. Below are some of the things everyone should know to demystify a root canal procedure.

You should not postpone root treatment just because the pain has subsided.

Very many people do not visit the dentist as soon as they start experiencing pain and discomfort. Usually, this is the first stage at which bacteria is attacking the tooth’s pulp. The pain will then go away independently. You should not take this as a sign that you do not require a root canal because the next stage is more severe. Infection that has reached the roots could force you to have a tooth extraction.

Root canal therapy is not painful.

This is a myth that is there probably because people experienced pain when undergoing root canal therapy in the past. However, with anesthesia and modern technology, dentists can now carry out a successful root canal therapy without pain. In fact, it will be more painful if you decided to carry on without treatment. A root canal is meant to alleviate pain.

Pain goes away immediately after the procedure.

When you suffer from a lot of pain, and the doctor recommends root canal therapy, people have a misled thought that the pain will go away immediately after treatment. Well, this will not just happen overnight. It will reduce substantially and could take up to a few weeks. You may take pain-relieving medications to help ease the discomfort and keep away from hard foods. Also, you may experience tenderness because the ligament attached to the bone is inflamed after treatment.

A root canal does not kill your tooth.

People say that a root canal is meant to kill the tooth. However, this is not the case. Rather, the therapy removes the infected pulp inside your tooth together with all the bacteria inside. The dentist then fills the tooth to prevent a reoccurrence of a similar infection. The pulp inside the tooth is not a necessity to remain inside. Therefore, a root canal saves the tooth rather than killing it.

A root canal is better than an extraction.

If you compare the cost and hustle of having your tooth extracted and then having to seek alternative replacement options, you will prefer a root canal. People think that because extraction is less costly, it is the most convenient. Root canal restores the tooth’s functionality, and results are much more durable. Additionally, you will pay less for a root canal than you would have for dental implants.

If you are having trouble with your teeth, you do not have to get them extracted. A root canal treatment will heal the sensitivity and remove the damaged teeth parts to restore full function. Specialists at Delray Medical & Dental consider your problem and determine the best treatment option. Book an appointment to regain original oral health.

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