What do you mean by adverse possession?

Adverse possession is a legally framed concept that is associated with the ownership and rights of holding the property with and without the title of possession. In general sense, here a person who is not having any title or ownership of property can use the land under legally permissible laws and regulation. Moreover, he is supposed to use it or continue to use and possess it for conducting legal activities – transparently and openly. The true owner of the property can contact adverse possession lawyers in Melbourne in order to deal with the statutory regulations and concepts.

Which points need to be taken care of while acquiring a title over property under adverse possession?

Adverse Possession is a legal principle of possession that needs to be filed under the support of a professional lawyer who is well versed with the statutory laws and concept and can withstand in case of any kind of changes.

The adverse possession must be in continuity

In the concept of adverse possession, the property or land is being transferred from the owner or by the claimant. But the important thing is that it must be in possession for a continuous basis without any kind of interruption or obstruction. This deal should not be broken in any of the case. Special cases must have strong legal reason. The ownership comes with a stipulated time period and you need to carry forward it for adverse possession.

Possession and Ownership:

The claimant is supposed to take the ownership of the property and must continue until they reach the stipulated period of time despite they are aware that they do not possess any kind of legal authority to occupy that land and property. Moreover, there must be an intention to acquire the ownership of property that too in opposite to the real owner. You need to consult a professional lawyer who can take legal steps regarding adverse possession.

Possession with some lawful purpose:

An adverse possession includes the concept of possessing the land for multiple purpose that can help in earning the livelihood and more. For an instance, it includes – grazing and feeding the cattle, constructing a house, running agricultural and plantation activities, sowing seeds and harvesting crops that could make optimum utilisation of the area. You can connect adverse possession lawyers in Melbourne and check their expertise in aiding out for better results.

Possession of property with an exclusive purpose:

The claimant must seek the possession of property that might have been folded with exclusive purpose like, constructing the building or corporate house, fencing and corners that could be in the interest of property rights. Make sure that it must be supported legitimately and do not involve any kind of unfair intentions. The filing of documents and limit of possession must be stated well in advance for better transparency.

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