Uterine Fibroids Special Treatment in Houston, TX

In case you’re experiencing heavy periods or other conceivable fibroid manifestations, connect with experienced board-confirmed interventional radiologist Andrew Doe, MD, at Alate Health for the help of uterine fibroids in Houston, TX. Dr. Doe offers fibroid expulsion medicines that contract and diminish fibroids to end your indications rapidly.

Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are muscle and sinewy tissue developments inside your uterus. There are four kinds of fibroids:

  •       Subserosal – fibroids in the furthest uterine layer
  •       Submucosal – fibroids inside the deepest uterine covering
  •       Intramural – muscle divider uterine fibroids
  •       Pedunculated – tail developing fibroids

What are the signs I have fibroids?

Once in a while, ladies get some answers concerning their fibroids during a standard ladies’ wellbeing test. Yet, much of the time, fibroids cause a scope of troublesome issues, including:

  •       Periods longer than seven days in length
  •       A continuous sensation of pelvic weight
  •       Leg torment or Swelling
  •       Obstruction
  •       Spinal pain
  •       Exhaustion
  •       Coagulating
  •       Torment during sex
  •       Continuous pee or urinary incontinence
  •       Agonizing periods
  •       Paleness

Fibroids also regularly cause a heavy feminine stream requiring  two cushions and tampons or evolving cushions/tampons like clockwork.

If you have uterine fibroids, you might need a Cesarean section when you have an infant. Fibroids can even cause a woman to be barren now and again.

Although the reason for uterine fibroids is indistinct, a blend of variables adds to their event.

Hereditary qualities, weight, nationality, hormones, and age are demonstrated to build the dangers and seriousness of manifestations. It is as yet unclear why a few ladies with fibroids experience extreme manifestations while others don’t.

The accompanying elements add to a lady’s danger of creating fibroids:


Uterine fibroids are by and large found in ladies ages 35-50. They seldom happen during the mid-20s and either balance out or recoil during menopause.


Estrogen and progesterone are related to fibroids. They commonly show up in ladies during childbearing years when hormone creation levels are high.

Hereditary qualities

Your odds of treating uterine fibroids increment if your mom or other relatives have had them.


Ladies who are overweight have a higher probability of creating fibroids. An eating routine with too much red meat and insufficient foods grown from the ground can be a contributing element.

Way of life

Ecological propensities may likewise affect the event of fibroids. Incorporate liquor utilization, absence of activity, and poisons that influence the uterus.


African-American women are determined all the more frequently to have fibroids. They likewise show up prior and become bigger than those found among different identities.


Fewer occurrences of fibroids are found in ladies who have conceived an offspring. Pregnancy may likewise ensure you don’t get them because of uterine changes after labor.

An MRI is the best test to evaluate the size, area, and several fibroids. This data figures out what treatment choices are best for you. Fibroids are profoundly treatable and don’t generally expect expulsion to reduce side effects. 

How does interventional radiology treat fibroids?

Fibroid treatment relies upon your particular manifestations and necessities. At Alate Health, the fibroid experts center around insignificantly intrusive medicines that end your indications without significant fibroid medical procedures.

Uterine fibroid embolization is a protected and dependable approach to contract fibroids. Your Alate Health expert makes a little entry point for catheter access in this FDA-affirmed method.They embed the slim catheter straightforwardly into the corridor that conveys blood to your fibroid. Since your fibroid doesn’t get blood to keep it alive and develop, it begins to contract. Ultimately, the fibroid withers.

90% of ladies get astounding fibroid help through a uterine fibroid embolization technique at Alate Health and recovery takes a week or less.

Utilize web-based planning or call Alate Health for the best in Houston fibroids medicines. Call the Houston, Texas office, or utilize the online scheduling tools to set up your visit.

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