Urinary Tract Infection: The Devil That Requires Immediate Medical Attention 

Urinary tract infection, also known as UTI, is a very well-known medical problem. It’s more frequently found in women. Sadly, despite it’s easy to detect, it’s extremely hard to be treated. Incompetent treatment and the failure to identify the type of UTI can lead to something that’s known as recurrent UTI in medical terms. If you’ve been suffering from the same problem, visiting an experienced Oak Lawn women’s health specialist is the only solution to the problem. 

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Facts About UTI

Whilst almost everybody knows that UTI is a bacterial infection, what most people do not know is that it is of 3 types as listed below. 

  1. Cystitis – Infection in the bladder. 
  2. Urethritis – Infection in the Urethra. 
  3. Pyelonephritis – Infection in the Kidney(s).

Expert urogynecologists at Chicago Center for Women’s Health explain that the failure to detect the kind of UTI is the main reason that the infection keeps occurring again and again. 

That being said, no less than 50 to 60% of women suffer from UTI. On top of that, if you fall in any of the categories listed below, you’re more prone to developing UTI. 

  1. Poor personal hygiene.
  2. Using public toilets. 
  3. Having unprotected sex. 
  4. Using urine catheters.
  5. Suffering from kidney stones. 
  6. Suffering from Diabetes. 
  7. Having poor immunity.
  8. Using tampons instead of sanitary napkins. 

The purpose of mentioning who’s more susceptible to developing UTI is not to scare you. Instead, the purpose is to make you more informed. Bear in mind, UTI is curable. However, if left untreated, it can be fatal in pregnant women and women suffering from diabetes. 

Can UTI Be Prevented? 

According to Doctor MD Denise Furlong, a highly experienced urogynecologist at Chicago Center for Women’s Health, some simple tips can protect many women from developing UTI in the first hand. 

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Drink lots of water and urinate every time after you have sex. 
  2. Avoid having unprotected sex. 
  3. Keep your vaginal area clean. 
  4. Do not use public toilets. In case you absolutely have to, there are certain devices you can use to stand and pee. Make sure you use them. 
  5. Always consult a urogynecologist before using any kind of special cleaner to wash your vagina. 
  6. Do not use any fragrant essential oil around your genitals while taking a shower.
  7. Wear cotton panties of high quality. 

Symptoms that You Might be Suffering from UTI 

Prevention is effective only if you have not contracted UTI yet. However, if you already have it, the only exit is visiting a doctor.

The symptoms to watch out for are as follows:

  1. Strong urge to pee again and again. 
  2. Inability to hold pee. 
  3. Inability to empty the bladder despite urinating frequently. 
  4. Blood in the urine. 
  5. Strong burning sensation while passing urine. 
  6. Smelly urine. 

A severe degree of infection is accomplished by fever, vomiting, and back pain because your body’s white blood cells are trying to fight the bacteria. 

Detection and Treatment 

Once you realize that you could be a victim of UTI, waste no time and visit experienced urogynecologists at centers such as the Chicago Center for Women’s Health. Doctors suggest taking a routine urine test and a urine culture test to find out the type of UTI first. 

Antibiotics are administered accordingly. Two things you have to ensure at your end once the doctor prescribes the medicines are, a) complete the course of the medicines even if the symptoms have disappeared, and b) follow all the precautions that your doctor has recommended. 

The sooner UTI is treated, the better it is. Early detection and cure can protect you from developing the infection again and again. Therefore, never delay visiting a doctor if you develop any symptoms. 

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