Understanding What Makes a Good Soil for Growing Cannabis

A lot of cannabis growers grow their cannabis in soil as this provides many benefits over alternative methods. Soil tends to be more forgiving than a soilless mix or hydroponics. When using soil for growing cannabis, it is important to consider variables such as pH, drainage, and the materials used. Soil is where the plant’s roots breathe and feed on water and cannabis nutrients. If you want to grow your own cannabis plant, you must understand what separates the best soil for weed from bad cannabis soil.

Cannabis Soil vs Soilless Mixes

Soil contains mostly plant matter at varying stages of decomposition. The natural composition of natural soil is made up of years of decomposed leaves, minerals, bugs, droppings, twigs, and others. That is why you should not use just random dug up soil for growing cannabis plants. Some soil may have contaminants or living pets. You can purchase commercial soil mixes like those you can get from BuildASoil that are much safer to use for growing cannabis.

Meanwhile, soilless mixes are media like coco coir (ground up coconut husks), rockwool, and peat moss. Usually, they are inert and contain very little else besides one material. If you choose these media, you must add nutrients. Soilless media offer benefits such as faster drainage and fewer pests.

Soil Texture and Drainage

A good soil for growing cannabis has the right texture. With the right texture, the roots can grow freely and let water drain through efficiently. Stones, over packed soil and big clumps of matter will not make your roots happy.

Generally, the best soil for cannabis is crumbly. To check for good soil texture, get a handful of moist soil and squeeze it. The best one does not stay together and have a spongy feel. Soils with clay tend to hold too much water and sandy soils will wash away over time.

Furthermore, soil with bad drainage will leave the roots submerging in water for long periods. Cannabis plants must be left a bit dried out before every watering or feeding.

Soil pH

Cannabis plants flourish in soil with a pH of between 6 and 6.8. To maintain the pH in soil, you can use things such as manure and compost in the soil as they act as a buffer and help keep the pH in the optimal range. Also, ensure the solution you add when feeding your cannabis plants is in that range.

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