Trending SMS Automation for Better Customer Experience

Estimation says that nearly 90% of the text messages are read every three minutes once it is delivered. This is nowadays a clear method to communicate with the customers especially when there is some sensitive time stringent matters to be discussed such as the promotions that could be time-based or the transaction alert. The concept of text message automation is not new but now with additional development, this concept is used for online marketing and business growth as well. Here are some benefits that can be availed using SMS automation for both customers and businesses both.

Know the aim of text automation:

Primarily, the text message service was started to offer the customers a better experience. Now marketing automation has started so personalized messages can be sent too. Suppose if a customer signs for the SMS loyalty rewards, then a personalized welcome message from the business can be sent to the customer. However, a better customer experience is not the only thing that has resulted in setting up automation. Many other business areas have earned great advantages. Of all, the customers. Right from providing business better feedback to getting a solution for the concerns, everything is now possible with an SMS automation solution.

The benefits of text message automation for business perspective

Considering an internal context, text message automation can help the business to manage the information dissemination rightly amongst the employees. It also aids increase escalation management efficiency especially when there are business continuity benefits involved.

The business can integrate such a concept with a chatbot to offer basic customer support. This offers the business to channel the support to the customer support employee resources with the right manpower for the issues that require deep involvement.

Lastly, if text automation is well integrated with CRM, it can offer time-based promotion with efficiency for different services and products.

Benefits of text message automation for the customers

  •   This concept has been improving the customer experience to a great scale. It offers a quick response to the customers over the traditional help desk.
  •   Text message automation makes sure customer gets constant communication without depending on the intervention of the human. This way customer is always informed about their next journey. This can include the funds available in their bank or the package delivery status.
  •   If this service is well implemented with the location, then emergency notification can also be sent to the authorities such as the fire department.


SMS automation ensures that business continuity planning does not get affected. Besides, it also lest the customer get two-factor authentication so they can do the portal login safely next time. There are also in-bound applications that manage the incoming message while the reply can be set to auto-reply depending on the message content that is coming in. With such a great technology, a business can grow quite well. Besides, a cordial relation with the customer can also be established strongly. That is why small-scale businesses prefer to go for such a service initially.

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