Top Things to Do in Houston for Both Locals and Visitors

Do you love art? Then, Houston is the ideal destination for you. The city has several museums for adults as well as for your kids. Menil collection could be another worthy catch for an art lover. Besides arts, Houston is a tourism magnet. The Space Center, and the astronaut training centers (NASA), are among the most exciting attractions. For both the residents and tourists, you cannot say that you have been into Houston without visiting the flea market. Just enjoy reading below to discover the most fascinating attractions that will crazily drive you into Houston.


Houston is a host of several museums, which have amazing collections. Herewith is a list of the most attractive museums that you shouldn’t miss.

Museum of Natural Science

HMNS collections are the most surprising elements that you will see. The space station models, and the sixty skeleton mounts including the four Tyrannosaurus, the three Quetzalcoatlus and Rex are collections that will keep you and your family occupied. Also, the mineral specimens are other attractive elements of the museum. The stunning entrance grasshopper-clock, whose legs synchronize with all passing seconds, is another feature your child will love most in HMNS.

Museum of Fine Arts

The world-class gallery prides to be a home of treasures like the portrait of Memling, and Gleizes La Femme. Water Lilies of Monet and the impressive Roman paintings, as well as sculptures are other treasures of the Fine Arts Museum. Furthermore, the history collections of more than six thousand years are a remarkable thing you have to check out. Also, do not miss the refreshments offered in the fabulous café in the museum.

Holocaust Museum

Are you searching for an educational stop for your itinerary? Holocaust Museum is definitely the place you should add to your list. The exhibits include the fascinating footage of World War II. Furthermore, the railcar of 1942 that transported victims is found in the concentration camps. It’s fun to be in the Holocaust Museum to see the thought-provoking exhibitions.

Children‘s Museum of Houston

The gallery has a collection for kids. Tot spot, is an exhibit for young kids of less than three years. However, older children enjoy exhibits such as the mini engineering workshop of invention convection or even the EcoStation. The most exciting exhibitions of the museum are the Kidtropolis and the FlowWork

Houston Flea Markets

Are you planning to shop? There is no better place than the flea markets in Houston. The best part of the street vending in Houston is that you don’t have to experience the blazing sun of the city. Visit the open-air bazaars that start at six in the evening and end at around ten in the night. From antiques, pieces of jewelry, clothes or even purses, you can find any item that suits you. The festivals and events held in the free flea markets are other attractive features that drive people to this city.

You have a wide range of choices on the market to visit. However, you can’t afford to miss the trader’s village market, Armadillo flea market mall, and the Sunny flea market. Westheimer market, Pasadena market, 77 market, Sunny market, Buffalo Gap market, Bussey’s market,  Marketplace and the Houston flea market are all great destinations.

Space Center Houston

The space exploration learning center prides itself on over four hundred things to do as well as see. The center has large collections of moon rocks and spacesuits for public display. The SpaceX Falcon Rocket, Apollo 17, Mercury 9, Gemini Vskylabs-GLunar Sample Vaults, Lunar roving launch, and entry suit are among the amusing displays in the space center.

Bottom Line

Are you thinking of a place to tour? Houston is the destination to think about. The town is not all about the attractions sites only. You should also enjoy the diverse cuisines in the downtown heart of Houston. The city has the most famous restaurants offering all kinds of cookeries. Furthermore, accommodation is not a concern as you will find numerous hotels providing the services.

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