Top Benefits One Should Know About Silicon on Plant Growth

The growth of plants is very important and just watering them is not beneficial to the plants. Nutrients and minerals are as important as water for the plants. Leaves and animals’ residuals are organic matter that can provide sufficient nutrients to your plants. Silicon has lots of benefits and earth has total 25 percent of silicon. Silicon is almost used in all the industries and has different purposes. Silicon has a good effect on soil and it promotes plant growth. This post mainly focuses on the benefits of silicon in soil.

There are many companies that sell silicon-based products that you can use for your plants. The silicon is available in oxidized form that are also known as silicates. These silica or silicate enable the growth of roots and discharge minerals in the soil. You can buy good quality silica products from top-rated companies. You can buy the product from online stores and avail the best offers on these products. If you are looking to buy the best quality product then you must read the reviews about the same. Here are some silica benefits for plants to know.

A Few Beneficial Aspects of Silica

  • Silicon increases the drought tolerance in plants and also the plants can live for days without water. Due to the water holding capacity, silica saves your time and money. Just like humans the plants are under stress too and silica helps in reducing stress.
  • Silica also provides strength to stem of the plants and prevents them from collapsing in rain and wind. Silica also helps in preventing soil erosion and save the natural soil structure and help in growth of the plants. Silica also keeps the harmful pests and bacteria away and improves the quality of plants.
  • The deficiency of silicon in certain plants can show some weird changes. There are many plants that can grow without silicon like wheat and rice. The plants that are not treated with silica like tomato or strawberry may have distorted shape and poor-quality fruits.

  • The silicon or silica should be used in proper quantity as excess of silicates can have bad effect on the plants. Plants like sunflower can have distorted flower shape because of excess quantity of silicon and it may increase the urge to intake other nutrients in the plants.

These are some of the benefits of silica for plants.

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