Tips To Organize Items In Your French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerator as the name suggests is like a French door that opens sideways that has a different compartment for the freezer and main fridge. They have numerous shelves that increase the capacity of the fridge to store more food items.

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It can be difficult to organize and maintain that big of a fridge like French door refrigerators. You might not understand what certain compartments and drawers are used to store. Here are some tips that will help you organize your food items into both compartments neatly.

Tips to organize the main fridge

  • Use the doors to store condiments – Doors are the comparatively warmest space of the fridge. Therefore, make sure to only store items with preservatives such as your cold drinks or sauces.
  • Place leftover at the top – Keep your leftover food right in front where you can see as soon as you open the fridge. That way, it will not go wasted sitting at the back of your fridge hidden.
  • Adjust the shelves according to the container – To fit your large food storage containers, adjust the shelves. Don’t just cramp all the items in the default settings of shelves.
  • Incorporate wine holders – Wine bottles are delicate and so require support to prevent from constantly getting rolled. Therefore, you can use wine holders and place them in the top compartment of the fridge.

  • Keep dairy products at the back – The dairy products should be placed at the back where space is the coldest that prevents the products from going sour.

What about the freezer?

Store your deli products and packed food items in the pull out drawer at the bottom that acts as a freezer. You can place frozen vegetables, desserts, and other additional food items there which you want to store for a longer time. You might want to store the items that you do not regularly use at the bottom.


Following the given tips, you will be able to maximize your fridge space for fresh groceries and accommodate as many items as possible. To be extra careful you can label the stored date in the container of the food item so that you can use it before then.

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