Corporate event catering has always been a good business because of the demand set by the market. There are a lot of events that need their services especially on wedding, birthday party, reunions, or big corporate events. The role of catering companies is very important because one single mistake might affect the entire event. Hence, it is vital to understand each type of catering in order to know the factors that must be considered to have a smooth and successful service.

Types of Catering Events

There are actually four major types of events that require the services provided by catering companies which are:

  • Wedding Catering Events – Wedding is a once in a lifetime event in most people therefore the preparation must be lit. There will be plenty of visitors that need to be served hence hiring a catering would really make a huge impact on that special event.
  • Social Gathering Catering Events – Parties like birthday, retirement, or any form of social gathering could never be called a celebration without any food covered. That is why most of these events are always associated with catering since there will be a lot of available menu to choose from and to savor.
  • Corporate Catering Events – Conference, tradeshows, conventions, meetings, trainings, and team buildings are all present in the corporate world. These events always need to have good foods to serve to their participants thus availing on catering services will allow them to focus on other important tasks and let the caterers handle the buffets.
  • Concession Catering Events – It is already expected that when there are a lot of people there are also catered foods. Seasonal sporting public events are examples for this category wherein you will find the usual crowd favorites like hamburger, hotdog, fries, and ice cream.

Tips To Save Money While Availing For Catering Service

Catering may sound expensive but you can actually benefit a lot from it. Always take note that you are in control with what you order therefore it is essential to know some ways to save your cash while enjoying the benefits catering provide.

  • The most important factor to considering with your costing or budgeting is the number of expected guests. Finalizing your guest count can really help you eliminate unwanted costs at the last minute.
  • Choose the best delivery method your caterer offers. There are actually four methods to have your food delivered such as:
  • Picking up at the caterer’s location
  • Dropping off the food using disposable containers.
  • Real display of buffets and banquets wherein caterers will also prepare the tables and food serving area.
  • Full service where you can request them to serve and have all the food and preparation done on site.
  • Your choice of enhancement would affect your cost because these items can be an additional expense. Examples for these enhancements are linen, on-site chefs, bartenders, etc.
  • Stick on your budget! Another important thing to consider in catering is to be aware of how much is your allocated budget for the event to reduce the risks of incurring unwanted expenses.
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