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Our mental and emotional health has a significant effect on our ability to perform under pressure in our field of work. Mental health is an integral part of living a healthy and balanced life. Our mental health encircles our emotional, social well-being, and psychology. This health will impact our feelings, thinking, and our general behaviors. It also influences and contributes to our decision making, how we manage our stresses, and our relationships. Being emotionally and mentally healthy will promote high productivity and effectiveness in our work, school, and caregiving. Peak performance facilitation will help us to relax, focus, and reach optimal performance. The experienced team at New York peak performance has extensive health care services for optimal mental and emotional health which play a significant role in the health of our relationships and adaptability to changes in our life. At Thriving Center of Psychology, they are ready to deliver the very best services in:


Depression is a prevalent mental health condition that may lead to long standing sadness and detachment in your activities. Depression may be a result of hormonal imbalance, hallucinations, work and relationship stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It can lead to physical problems such as headaches and chronic pains, suicidal thoughts, which would warrant emergency medical attention. Depression is characterized by chronic fatigue, sleep problems, weight fluctuation, mood swings and irritability, hopelessness and restlessness, and numb feelings.  At Thriving Center of Psychology, our psychologist will involve a combination of solutions to attain brain chemical stability. These combinations may include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neurofeedback. With this innovative depression treatment, we will ensure you will unlock your potential and restore your quality of life.


It is normal to worry, especially when you are hosting a great event, starting a new job, or getting married, but anxiety should not plague you. It is characterized by experiencing restless nights and poor sleep quality, poor concentration, and being easily fatigued. Anxiety may lead to panic or phobias when a specific situation triggers you. At Thriving Center of Psychology, our dedicated team will help you overcome all cases of anxiety so that you can live to your full potential.


Lack of self-esteem will prevent you from achieving your set goals and enjoying your success. This belief will lead to weak social interaction and difficulties in relationships, mental health cases, worthlessness, and poor performance. Our experienced team at Thriving Center of Psychology will help you improve your self-esteem and have a sense of positivity about yourself, achieve your goals, and enjoy a positive experience in your achievement and relationship.


It is usual to have stress from time to time due to our body’s natural response to any change. Stress should not last for weeks or months. If it starts to change your thinking and affects your work and family life, you should seek help. The highly skilled mental health team at Thriving Centre of Psychology will be of your support by finding the right therapies to help you overcome stressors and restore your quality of life.


Relationships are not always easy. The loss of a friend or family member and career changes will affect our relationships. At Thriving Center of Psychology, you will get comprehensive couple counseling so that you can get your relationship back on track.

In conclusion, most people will achieve mental and emotional stability by making peace of mind by being completely absorbed in a relaxing activity that will put all other thoughts and feelings aside. With all your worries, stresses, and daily life strains removed, you will be able to focus and enjoy your success. If you need any help to bring back your mental and emotional stability, the compassionate team at Thriving Center of Psychology will be ready to help you. Please book your appointment today through our website.

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