The Top Benefits of PDO Thread Lifts

It does not matter who we are; aging is one of those processes we have little control over. There is nothing we can do to stop ourselves from aging. Remember, it is a gradual process that happens over many years, so it mostly tends to sneak upon us. Sometimes it is easy to think that nothing is happening, but then you wake up one morning and look in the mirror, you cannot help but notice the wrinkles and fine lines staring back at you. Thankfully, you can look for a Bowling Green PDO Thread Lifts Specialist to help you keep looking young and beautiful.

Most people are starting to turn to thread lifts as the perfect way to create a refreshed, more youthful appearance without having to undergo heavily invasive surgery. So, why would you want to consider PDO thread lifts? The following excellent benefits should help you make up your mind.


Perhaps the most outstanding benefit of PDO thread lifts is that it is a relatively non-invasive procedure. If you pursue it, you should walk out of the office without any noticeable signs that you have undergone any cosmetic treatment. It is the best procedure if you do not want people knowing about it. What’s better, since the threads are in the top layer of the skin where there are very few nerve endings, the treatment is significantly pain-free. You can go through the procedure without numbing agents, although they are available to those who are more comfortable with them.

Safe, slow absorption

Please note that your absorption depends on the type of threads used for your treatment. It could take a year, and sometimes six to eight months is enough. After the absorption of your threads, your results should last anywhere from three months to more than two years. However, you can expect to enjoy the effects of your treatment for anywhere between nine months to three years.

On the other hand, PDO thread lifts have excellent safety. They have been used for more than three decades to treat and close wounds, suture incisions during cosmetic procedures, treat gynecological problems, and others. Also, the threads are non-toxic and safely absorbed by your body, giving you the results you need.

Quick results

If you undergo a facelift procedure, expect some swelling and inflammation, meaning you have to wait weeks before seeing the results. PDO thread lifts, on the other hand, provide immediate results. What’s better, your results become more noticeable after two to three months as your body finishes healthy collagen production.

It makes the skin look plump and youthful.

PDO thread lifts facilitate the production of new collagen, which is responsible for enhancing the skin’s elasticity and improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the skin and neck. The threads also stimulate elastin and hyaluronic acid, which is crucial in achieving a youthful, rejuvenated skin quality.

Going under the knife is the only way to lift and rejuvenate saggy skin. Thanks to PDO, you can now enjoy a tighter, more youthful appearance immediately. Just because you have to age, you can slow down the process by taking advantage of some of these facial rejuvenation techniques.

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