The Most Prevalent Chronic Diseases Among Individuals

Chronic diseases are those diseases that keep on attacking even when they are treated. To some extent, some of these diseases can cause sudden death. According to research and statistics, most chronic disorders are prevalent in older adults more than younger people. There are many types of chronic pain, and the only way you can manage their effect is by going for check-ups and diagnosis frequently. For treatment and check-ups for chronic pain, visit Thomas Nguyen M.D., M.S. He is a specialized doctor who deals with chronic diseases. Below are examples of chronic diseases that you can get.

Top 5 chronic diseases you can incur

Any disease can become chronic if not treated during its early stages. However, other illnesses become hard to manage. Examples of chronic diseases include:

  1. Diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases to the aged. However, even young children, teenagers, men, and women can get diabetes. Diabetes occurs once your body fails to control the amount of sugar in your body. According to research, diabetes is not treated, but your doctor can manage it from becoming severe. When you have diabetes, you cannot undergo surgeries because incisions cannot heal as required.
  2. Cancer. When cancer is noticed at its early stages, surgery or chemotherapy can be done to get rid of the cancer cells. However, when it becomes uncontrollable, it becomes chronic. Signs and symptoms of cancer include pain, wounds, loss of hair, skin becomes pale, loss of weight, and general weakness. Cancer is managed through medication and chemotherapy until its last stages.
  3. Chronic lower back and neck pain. The lower back pain occurs at the lower part of your spinal cord. It is also prevalent in old adults. It is caused by spinal complications like herniated and degenerated spinal disks brought by accidents and injuries. Neck pain occurs when you bend your head for a long time. Chronic lower back and neck pain is mainly caused by infections and certain medications.
  4. Obesity. Obesity refers to uncontrolled overweight. Obesity is more prevalent in women than men. Once you are obese, you may have heart diseases, breathing complications, sleep apnea, hyperhidrosis, and discomforts. This condition is brought on by some medications that make your body cells overgrow, eating a diet with more calories, and lack of exercising.
  5. Arthritis. Arthritis is a disorder that attacks your joint part of your body. It affects places like the knees, heel, wrist, elbow, hip joints, and shoulders. There are many types of arthritis, and they are differentiated from each other by the causing agent. For example, gout is caused by uric acid. When your body keeps on producing uric acid, you can suffer from gout your whole life.

Chronic diseases require a special doctor to deal with them. Diseases like cardiovascular illnesses need immediate attention because they can lead to death. Nguyen Medical Group is the best you can consult for that treatment and management of chronic diseases.

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