The Future Of Drug Testing

Drug testing and the Future.

Whether or not it’s for a job, hospital visit, or court approved drug testing, it is never an enjoyable experience. With that being said, a less invasive way about it may make the process a lot easier on everyone involved.

Imagine a man going to get drug tested. Whether the reason be employment, court ordered or whatever else. He has to go have someone watch him pee or have his blood and urine took from him, then having to wait days to know how it went. He instead goes and only has puts his finger on an electronic device and in a matter of minutes they have the results.

Hospitals, employers that drug test and Court approved drug testing should also be excited about this new method not only for the quick results, efficiency and obvious sanitary reasons but also for the fact that it is impossible to fool. With the patients identity and drug use or lack there of being caught all at once there is no way around this test. This is now possible due to our body’s ability to metabolize drugs that we then excrete molecules that are then detected in your fingerprints using mass spectrometry.

With the future always being upon us, drugs are no exception. As people evolve so do their methods of usage as well as their methods of detection. Laws are the same way, with weed legalizations booming from state to state many of the people excited about this may need to look at those laws carefully. Marijuana may be legal under state laws but it is still illegal under federal laws. This cam mean many different things. One example could be your job. Just because it is legal in terms of state, it does not mean that your employer has to be ok with thc in your system when you fail a random drug test.

Many feel that this is a grey area. This is in large part due to fact that there are very qualified professionals that may smoke weed legally and feel they shouldn’t be denied the possibility of a promising career just because they’re doing something the laws say they can. Some would like to do away with random drug testing, which is understandable whether you are an employer or an employee. It is getting very difficult to find qualified workers that don’t partake in the usage of thc products. The same goes for looking for jobs. It is near impossible to find an employer that does not drug test and agrees with the state laws.

It is not just small time jobs or what some may call simple jobs. From Big business to the FBI, employers from all over are feeling the effects of the new states laws the past years. The best of the best in all areas of the employee pool seem to be shaken by the new found recreational and medicinal uses that this legalization has brought. Many have ended up in lawsuits involving marijuana and the workplace because they feel wrongfully terminated or reprimanded because of thc in their systems.

The thing to keep in mind about this is that lack of federal legalization and that employers have the right to choose who it is that they employ. Courts tend to believe that an individual should abide by both state and federal laws. Most of these cases have ruled in favor of the employer. With legality of state and not federal that’s where the grey area comes in.

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