The Different Causes of Neck Pain and Best Treatments in West Orange

Neck pain is surely a discomfort that spoils your daily active life. This common health disorder is different for every person. It may differ due to its kind and cause. It is best to consult a good medical physician in the West Orange region specialized in treating body pain. 

Dr. Ira Siegel is well experienced in providing neck pain relief for their patients. Here the West Orange neck pain specialists are skilled in eliminating the discomforts felt in the neck forever. You just need to explain the symptoms to your doctor for them to properly diagnose and provide the right treatment to reduce the neck pain.

The types of neck pain: 

  • Muscle pain: It can be strains, spasms, sprains, or tears of a muscle that trigger neck pain. These may lead to experiencing swelling as well, thus needing immediate medical attention. 
  • Muscle spasms: It is painful, sudden contractions of the muscle that result in feeling spontaneous pain. You are in pain, feel tightness around the neck, and cannot move your head in one or more directions. 
  • Headaches: It can lead to neck pain if it occurs because of muscle spasms. It is felt at the back of the head and even the upper part of the neck is affected. When you move the neck, the headache increases and even your neck feels stiff. 
  • Facet joint pain: It happens due to acute injury or because of severe arthritis symptoms. The joints cause unbearable pain, mostly in the morning when you move your neck. The discomfort can later be experienced in the upper body. 
  • Nerve pain: It happens because of the anatomical and inflammation damage of the spinal cord. The pain can be mild or severe depending upon the affected nerve. 
  • Referred pain: It happens when another part of the body is damaged and the pain is felt in the neck. For example, when a person has a heart attack, but the pain is felt in the shoulder. Neck pain can be because of the heart or esophagus. Sometimes even hand inflammation can cause neck pain.
  • Bone pain: One of the major causes of neck pain is damage to soft tissue structures present in the cervical spine. The other causes are bone weakness, fracture, and an increase in age. 

The mild neck pain can be reduced by applying pain relief lotions or by consuming over-the-counter medicines meant to get rid of inflammation and pain. If the pain persists, then it’s best to visit a physician specialized in treating body pain. 

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