The 5 Last Minute Moving Tips that you must follow

The majority of the people who move always plan well in advance to sort everything out. However, there can be instances when people do not have ample time in hand, and they have to move at a short notice. Since moving involves a lot of details, it can take a few weeks to sort everything out. If you do not have time in hand, you must take the help of same day movers Toronto. The following tips will also help you focus on the crucial steps you need to undertake to move.

Get Packing Supplies

It is an obvious tip but so very important! Just keep the moving supplies in one corner of the house so that you do not have to search the entire house looking for the tape. The scissors, tape, and the stuffing must be kept in one place to keep everything organized. It would help if you also kept the labels handy so that you are aware of the contents of each box.


Moving becomes a lot easier when you have fewer things to pack. Decluttering is not a fun job, we agree, but it helps you get rid of the junks. You need to sort all your things and decide which things to keep and what to give away. You can hold a garage sale for the discarded items so that you also get some cash! Do not think in terms of a sentiment because you will never be able to throw away anything if you feel like that. Keep the things that you want to throw away in a separate room.

Manage your Time

One of the greatest tips for packing is to get a timer, set it for one hour, and then pack things like crazy within that time. The next step would be to take a 15 min break for snacks and for freshening up. Then set the timer for another hour and start packing again. Taking regular intervals of 15 min will allow you to maintain the energy level and maintain productivity.

Get help

Moving is a big job, and it cannot be handled alone. So if you are moving in a short notice, you must get the services of last minute movers in Toronto. But you will also need some help at home. So call in your friends and relatives to help you with organizing and packing. When you work in a group, the jobs become much more comfortable as you can assign someone to take the junk boxes to the dump or administer the garage sale.

Since you are packing most things yourself, it does not mean that you will take the services of the packers and movers. The significant advantage of hiring short notice movers in Toronto is that they offer a customized package that will never put pressure on your budget.


Let’s Get Moving is a highly experienced moving company that takes care of all aspects, right from the beginning to end. They are adept in considering all small details, but they will always support you with their attractive short notice moving packages.

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