Stargirl: Season 2

Superheroes have come a long way from their humble beginnings in comic books. A multitude of spandex-clad individuals with unusual powers battle evil in blockbuster films and in television series. One of the new arrivals is now fighting her way through her second season. Originally appearing in DC Comics, Stargirl made the jump to television on the streaming service DC Universe and then moved on to the CW.

Courtney Widmore

The character was created for comics by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder. Johns created the show based on the comic book and serves as executive producer. The story follows high school sophomore, Courtney Widmore. (So many superheroes start out young!) A happy Los Angeles teen, Courtney’s widowed mother meets and marries a mechanic named Pat Dugan. Dugan uproots the entire family and takes them to the tiny town of Blue Valley, Nebraska, much to Courtney’s chagrin. At first, she and her stepfather do not get along. Eventually, Courtney learns that Pat was the superhero sidekick to Starman. After finding Starman’s cosmic staff, Courtney inherits his powers and a new hero is born.

Justice Society of America

Pat becomes a mentor to Courtney as she begins her new identity as Stargirl. She learns from her stepfather that as the sidekick, Stripesy, he and Starman were part of the superhero team, the Justice Society of America. In a battle with their arch-nemeses, the Injustice Society of America 10 years ago, Starman and all of the other Justice Society members were killed. Pat alone survived and gave up the superhero gig.

Some of Courtney’s new classmates turn out to have superpowers of their own. Courtney recruits them and forms a new Justice Society of America. One of these new members is Yolanda Montez, a former popular girl who is now an outsider. With her retractable claws and feline athleticism, she becomes Wildcat.

Nerdy Beth Chapel befriends Courtney and Yolanda after overhearing them talking about the JSA. Beth finds the goggles that gave original JSA member, Doctor Mid-nite his powers. The eyewear was damaged in the final battle and Beth attempts to repair them and become the new Doctor Mid-nite.

The juvenile delinquent orphan, Rick Tyler becomes the final member of the team when he finds an hourglass his father created that gives him super-strength for one hour each day. Adopting the name Hourman, Rick joins the JSA.

Injustice Society of America

A superhero team is nothing with a group of supervillains to fight and the new Justice Society has to deal with a new Injustice Society of America. Led by Icicle, the ISA wreaks havoc around the town of Blue Valley, thus clashing with the JSA, starting a new generation of superhero combat.

Stargirl enjoyed a successful first season and was picked up for a second. At New York Comic-Con producers revealed that season 2 will be darker and features lots more villains. Long time DC superbaddie Eclipso is one of new members of the ISA as is mean girl Cindy Burman. Stargirl fans should be sure to tune in to what promises to be an exciting season.

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